10 Things you must know about Nigerian Private Sector

It has become imperative to discuss some happenings in the Nigerian workspace, especially in the private sector, that constitute the bulk of the labor force in Nigeria. Why most Nigerian private sector has clearly shown its unfavorable dynamics to Nigerians, we won’t overlook how it has supported and sustained most families regardless of their poor remunerations. If you are working in a private organization or company, you must be mindful of the points below;

1. Nigerian private sector jobs must never be your long-term goal, but rather an opportunity to garner experience and plan for the future.

2. There is no job security in the most private sector. Apply for other better opportunities elsewhere regardless of your job satisfaction, comfort, and structure. This will help you avoid CAREER SHOCKS.

3. If you must be paid handsomely, you must show results for the huge pay. You must be extremely good at what you do to warrant good pay and multiply the value of your pay in monetary terms to your employer.

4. If you can’t take shi*t, insults, unprofessional conduct from a superior, please avoid the Nigerian private sector. A lot are very toxic. Consider entrepreneurship or government jobs.

5. Most people, not all though, that work for private organizations have NOTHING to should after years of hard work and service for their organizations.

6. Don’t believe you are too important or irreplaceable. Anybody can be sacked, fired, and replaced. In an event of death, the company or organization will move on.

7. Improve yourself on the job. Get certifications, postgraduate degrees if you can, and ensure you improve and enhance yourself as much as possible. Prepare for growth and to match up with current trends in your industry.

8. While salary is the biggest motivation for most employees, money should not necessarily be your highest priority. Go for growth, career fulfillment, job satisfaction, and jobs that offer you spare time to recuperate to avoid poor mental health and stress, while it allows you to spend time with your family.

9. At the early stage of your career, you tend to work more and earn less, as you progress, you tend to be paid your real worth or value on the job at the mid career level. Then as an expert or highly skilled professional, you tend to work less and earn more. This doesn’t apply in all cases though.

10. If possible, everyone needs to have experience in the private sector in Nigeria. They challenge you, they teach you the good bad, and the ugly, they make you stronger, they shape you to experience the difficult side of the labor market. Whether it turns out to be good or bad, appreciate the experience. You tend to see both sides of the coin and become a better Man-manager in the future.

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