7,200 penises Found In A Ship From Nigeria

…Omo it’s like we go begin get personal security for our joysticks or better still only me go go sell my own instead of someone else stealing it and sell it.

But China sef, can any good thing come from China? Everything about them is today today there is no tomorrow or future

Africa is finished.

A ship from Nigeria has been impounded in China whilst trying to smuggle in 7,200 joysticks. Hundreds of thousands of Nigerian joysticks are smuggled nto China every year. Nigeria is the worlds largest exporter of joysticks & this is why kidnapping & ritual killings are rife here.What do the Chinese do with these joysticks & why are they obsessed with Nigerian ones in particular? This is not joke but a serious question. The Chinese should leave our joysticks alone & those that procure them for them in Nigeria should be regarded as terrorists & eliminated.

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