8 additional ladies have approached to blame Prophet Bushiri for rape.

Court records from South Africa’s extradition request to Malawi, obtained exclusively by Mail & Guardian, detailed the alleged crimes allegedly committed by the leader of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG), one of the continent’s most famous and wealthy churches, and his wife, Mary.
Some of the rape charges from 2016 have been added to the charge.

Bushiri was already facing charges of fraud, money laundering, jumping bail, and violating the foreign currency act when he fled South Africa in November of last year.
Prosecutors said he raped women and girls as young as 16, including two sisters, and that he drugged some of them, bribed them to keep quiet, and threatened others with murder. After six years of shocking sexual assault,
All of the alleged rape cases allegedly occurred in and around Pretoria, especially at the Sheraton Hotel, and involve women who claim the wealthy prophet enticed them into hotels after befriending them and their families at church and offering special prayers and monetary donations.
Some of the women were later engaged in what appeared to be consensual behavior. After Bushiri allegedly promised to marry at least one of them, they began having sexual relations. The majority, especially the children, were threatened with death by Bushiri or his bodyguards, according to the victims. One of the victims allegedly became pregnant, but was forced to abort the child. The ECG church was allegedly used as a recruitment service for Bushiri via his network of “sons” and “prophets”. They would eavesdrop, record and engage in subtle conversations with churchgoers to collect information later used by Bushiri to lure women into sexual relations.
The court records stated that Bushiri promised to marry one of the women he raped between May 2015 and June 2016, and allegedly paid her parents substantial sums of money. Another woman alleges that between Bushiri raped her in his hotel room in June and July 2015 after “the prophet” photographed her in her underwear and naked poses. He is said to have given her money. One of the women also claimed that she was invited into Bushiri’s hotel room and given a drink that caused her to become dizzy. Bushiri reportedly stripped her of her clothes and raped her after she fell to the ground. ‘She’ Another woman is said to have been impregnated and given money to start a construction company.
The most harrowing events were shared by the victims’ youngest sisters. According to the girls, they were choristers at Bushiri’s church, and he befriended their parents before texting them on WhatsApp.

It was claimed that Bushiri initially sent his “children” who took the sisters and their sibling to meet him under the misrepresentation that they were going for ensemble practices, and gave them cash. During a subsequent visit, Bushiri gave them immense measures of money and disclosed to them not to tell anybody. One of the young ladies said;

“Following fourteen days, my family and I met prophet Bushiri in his congregation after the evening administration that finished at 11pm.

“My folks and I were extremely eager to meet with the prophet and his significant other, prophetess Mary Bushiri. Prophet Bushiri advised my folks he needed to support my sister and me to begin recording at his studio in Sandton [Johannesburg] and that he would have been our otherworldly dad.”

They guarantee to have met him in July 2016 at the Southern Sun Hotel in Arcadia, Pretoria.

A man named “Aubrey” who seemed various occasions in the court papers as one individuals exploring ladies for Bushiri, was apparently shipped off get the young ladies from their home where they were with their mom.

On being educated by his girls that Bushiri had sent for them, their dad was despondent yet Aubrey addressed him on the telephone and he agreed to the game plan.

At the inn, Bushiri purportedly kept the sisters in isolated rooms, where he later appealed to God for them and gave them money. He supposedly gave one of the sisters and the sibling R5, 000 each. The other sister told examiners she was paid R10, 000.

A subsequent gathering occurred at the Sheraton Hotel, where Bushiri supposedly gave the kin R20, 000 in January 2017. Bushiri welcomed one of the sisters to the Sheraton. She was taken to one of the upper floors by Aubrey who left immediately.

She said;

“Normally, Aubrey and a couple of protectors are consistently in the suite, yet that day they were not there. Prophet Bushiri came from the washroom. He welcomed me and asked me how everything was. I revealed to him all was great. He revealed to me he would petition God for me to get qualifications and open entryways of gifts in my day to day existence.

“While appealing to God for me … he began to contact my body and private parts. I began to drive his hand away. He kept on contacting me. I requested that he stop. I shouted. I was wearing a long dress. He utilized power to pull me to the bed. He pulled my clothing and discarded it.

“I was shouting constantly. He put his hand over my mouth and nose. I was retaliating. He overwhelmed me. He put his penis inside my vagina and … assaulted me. I continued shouting and crying since it was very difficult on the grounds that I was a virgin. He kept assaulting me, and I was shouting, battling and crying. At the point when he completed, he halted. I saw drops of blood coming from my vagina.”

After the assault, the casualty who was 18 around then affirmed that Bushiri took steps to murder her in the event that she announced the occurrence or told anybody, and gave her R10, 000. In June 2018, her sister revealed to her Bushiri had assaulted her as well and that is the point at which the two sisters consented to report the episodes to their folks.

Bushiris’ removal preliminary is relied upon to begin decisively in Malawi courts one week from now after boss inhabitant justice Patrick Chirwa would not recuse himself. Bushiri’s legal advisors had protested his treatment of the case, referring to conceivable predisposition due to the judge’s inclusion in giving the warrant of capture police used to capture the Bushiris.


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