Another civil war looming? Presidency sends strong message to Igboho

The legal practitioner, who delivered the keynote speech at the summit, highlighted the President’s past comparison of the costs of fuel in Nigeria and neighbouring countries.

The Senior Advocate of Nigeria accused the govt of being economical with the reality on subsidy removal.

He said the govt can not be trusted after the announcement of full deregulation of fuel in 2020 which led to the sale of fuel at N168 per litre.

Falana said, “Last September, this same government announced that following the complete deregulation, fuel was getting to be sold at N168 per litre. Today, we are being told that there’ll be full deregulation again which can raise the worth to N230 per litre.

“(But) Let me predict here that if care isn’t taken, the govt intends to sell fuel at N500 per litre before the top of this year.”

He accused the govt of destroying the economy and devaluing the naira through the dollar-based financial system being travel by Buhari’s regime.

According to him, the summit is aimed toward challenging the worsening security situation, devaluation of national currencies, mass unemployment, and increasing lack of excellent governance.

He added that a replacement Nigeria has got to be founded on the platform of social justice and there was the necessity to collaborate with like-minded progressive forces and reposition Nigerians to require back power.

He said, “We want to require Nigeria back from the soiled hands of political buccaneers which is that the essence of the meeting.

“That is why we believe that a replacement Nigeria is feasible which will be run and managed by the Nigerian people and not by alien forces of destruction.”

Falana said Nigeria are often run supported people-oriented programmes and policies rather than neoliberal policies of the Buhari government dictated by the planet Bank and International fund (IMF).

He added that the mismanagement of the economy by imperialist forces and their local collaborators has continued to extend poverty within the country despite the nation’s enormous resources.

Falana also condemned the $1.5 billion allow the rehabilitation of the Port Harcourt purportedly approved by the Federal council . He said, “It is against the law therein it’s not been appropriated by the National Assembly pursuant to sections 59 and 81 of the Constitution”.

He asked the National Assembly to request the President to propose a money bill for the said sum of $1.5 billion.

He said, “Before passing the bill, the National Assembly should conduct a public hearing where all options are going to be considered within the national interest. as an example , at the general public hearing, ASCAB (Alliance for Surviving COVID-19 and Beyond) will show that the federal can purchase a replacement refinery with greater capacity than the Port Harcourt for an equivalent sum of $1.5 billion.”

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