Apostle Suleman – My family and I will not take COVID19 vaccine. It is not healthy

General Overseer Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) International Apostle Johnson Suleman has said he won’t be taking the COVID19 vaccine.

In a viral video, the clergyman said the vaccine isn’t good which it’s not healthy. He said he has been praying over the vaccine for days which God showed him that something is medically abnormal with the vaccine.

In his words

”There may be a vaccine that’s happening that folks are taking now, they assert it’s a vaccine against the virus. After you’re taking the vaccine you’re still to wear your mask , you’re still to try to to social distancing, you’re still to not greet with people, you’re still to try to to every protocol.

Some people have come up with all quite theories, I don’t know what they call conspiracy but I could know that it’s theories and a few say it’s the mark of the beast. Some say it’s the Antichrist but I’ve said to you before that, when the Antichrist will come, we’ll not be here. we might are gone. I don’t say it’s spiritual but I see something medical, that thing isn’t good and I’m hearing in some places now, they’re making it compulsory.

See, people are watching online, they’re going to misunderstand me. If you would like to require it, take it but I’ll advise anybody who has consciousness to not take it, it’s not healthy.

What I saw in it, I’ll not take it. Forget all those ones they’re showing you one governor taking it. Oh, you think that that thing they’re fixing him, you think that that’s what they’re coming to place in you?

Nobody should force it on anybody, it should be optional. If you would like to require it, take it. If you don’t want to require it, don’t take it. Nobody should force the vaccine on anybody. Now I’m hearing that they said if you don’t have it you can’t travel, that’s nonsense. Whoever doesn’t want to require it, shouldn’t take it.

Maintain all the protocols you’ll maintain. If you would like to require it, take it. I’m not telling everybody to not but I’m telling every Omega child. Forget it i do know they’re getting to come up with laws that you simply must take it.

There are some jobs now, especially within the medical line, they said everybody must take it, some hospitals and a few nurses but don’t take it.

Me, I won’t take it, my wife won’t take it, my children won’t take it. If they assert my child must take it before he goes to high school , I’ll withdraw the kid from getting to school.

I’ll not advise you to require it but if you would like to, plow ahead but if you would like my advice which I’m entitled to as your Pastor, I’ll say don’t take it.

Listen to me, whatever I tell you’re taking it to the bank, you’ll soon know. That’s how I gave prophecy here about Donald Trump not winning and other people think I’m anti-Trump. I’m talking about something spiritual and that they were being emotional.

“America, the type of suffering they’re going to suffer after one or two years, you’ll see it and it’s not the person , it’s the lady , that’s the president.

“The woman is that the president not the person , you’ll soon understand. He only came to organize how for her, when it happen you’ll know.”

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