Blogger alleges that “Kiddwaya has fallen out with a brand over commercial video”

The blogger identified as cutie_julls said that an insider disclosed that Kiddwaya rejected the commercial video because he didn’t like the finished work.

The blogger further revealed that after much pleadings, Kiddwaya has stated that if the video is eventually released, he won’t still share it on his social media pages.

In the words of the blogger:

“Hmmm our very close source at #durexng says Kidd has rejected a whole commercial video because he says he doesn’t like the finish work so he doesn’t want it out. They have been begging Kid since but Oga say no and that even if they release that video, he will not post it on his social media pages.

Na this problem wey Durex haff been trying to solve since a week ago”.

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