Boyfriend who ‘dated 35 ladies’ simultaneously and told every one he had an different birthday to get presents’ is captured for extortion

A serial Japanese dater has been arrested for allegedlly dating 35 different women at the same time.

Takashi Miyagawa, a part-time worker from the Japanese region of Kansai, had told each of the women he had been dating that his birthday was on a different date in order to receive gifts and cards from them. 

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The 39-year-old was captured for cheating the 35 ladies subsequent to professing to be not kidding about associations with them.

Miyagwa’s genuine birthday is November 13 however he told a 47-year-old darling that his birthday was on February 22, while another casualty, 40, said he disclosed to her it was in July. A third lady, who is 35, said she trusted it was in April.

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As per SoraNews24, the complete number of casualties remains at 35 with the chance of additional coming advances.

Altogether, the ladies have blamed Miyagawa for cheating them out of £665 worth of birthday presents, garments, and money.

The presume apparently met his casualties while working for a showcasing organization selling hydrogen water showerheads and different items.

Starter examination uncovered Mr.Miyagawa focused on single ladies and started every relationship with the idea he would get hitched to them.

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The investigation continues.

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