Confirmation: Timeline of Davido and Chioma Avril Rowland’s relationship

Even though we may be kissing Davido and Chioma’s ship, goodbye, here is a timeline of their relationship.

February 2021, Nigerian music star Davido was spotted clasping hands with Instagram model Mya Yafai while holiday, and it prompted a great deal of theories about his relationship with fiancee Chioma Avril Rowland.

So when the gossipy tidbits about breaks in their relationship started to channel the air, following the third wheeler, Yafai, it became obvious that things may have gone south between the VIP couple. Things took a different turn on Tuesday, March 30, when photos of Davido and Yafai locking lips made it to the Internet. For many, that was the end of Davido’s ‘Assurance’ to Chioma. Chioma and Davido’s relationship has been one which a lot of Nigerians have watched with keen interest over the years.

Even though we may be kissing Davido and Chioma’s ship, goodbye, here is a timeline of their relationship.

January 2018: Chioma accompanies Davido to a private family function

There were already rumours of Davido and an unidentified young lady in a relationship late 2017 after Snapchat videos from the music star with the said lady surfaced online. However, in January 2018, Davido made it known to the world that he was in a relationship after he took the young lady, Chioma to a private family event in Ede, Osun state.

February 2018: Davido takes Chioma along on his tour

After the trip to Osun state, Davido and Chioma became an item as he showed her off on social media at any given opportunity. From photos to short videos, it was obvious the music star was in love. In February 2018, the music star took Chioma along while he toured the world. For many, it was at that time Chioma became a familiar face among Davido’s expanding music crew and business.

April 2018: Davido denies plans to marry Chioma

Davido’s relationship to Chioma was barely a year old when questions about their future started making the rounds. Obviously not moved by those comments, the music star made it clear during an interview that he wasn’t planning to get married at that time. According to him, he was busy with his music career at that time and that was the only thing on his mind.

April 2018: Chioma’s 1st birthday as Davido’s girlfriend and the car gift

While fans were still basking in the euphoria of Davido’s beautiful relationship with Chioma Avril, the music star threw a beautiful birthday party for his bae. Well, not many saw it coming when he decided to get for the birthday celebrant a car worth N60M. Social media erupted after Davido presented the car gift to Chioma…even some celebrities weren’t left out as they all congratulated the new Porshe car owner.

May 2018: Davido features Chioma in his hit single ‘Assurance’

By 2018, it became clear that there was only one woman in Davido’s life. He was never shy to show her off at any given opportunity. Interestingly, on May 1, 2018, he dropped the video for his hit single ‘Assurance.’

It was no news that the record was dedicated to Chioma. Now what many did not envisage was Davido actually featuring her in the video. He did. The music star and his fiancee’s chemistry could not go unnoticed as they blew the minds of many in the video.

December 2018: Davido and Chioma spotted together amid breakup rumours

ust like every celebrity relationship, there are always unconfirmed gist and rumours about them. Davido and Chioma weren’t left out as the gist of their rumoured breakup began to make the rounds. However, the singer in his usual sarcastic manner dispelled the rumours and he was later spotted out on a dinner date with Chioma.

December 2018: The moment Davido brought Chioma up on stage during his concert

December 2018, Davido had one of the biggest music concerts in Nigeria. He played host to thousands of fans who gathered in Lagos to watch their favourite singer perform. One interesting highlight if the night was when he brought Chioma on stage to formally introduce to his fans. It didn’t end there as he went on to give her a kiss which was cheered by everyone present.

September 2019: Davido holds introduction ceremony ahead of marriage to Chioma

Davido once again in his usual surprise style shocked fans and millions of followers on social media when he shared a photo of his introduction ceremony on his Instagram page on Tuesday, September 2, 2019. It took a while for it to sink in for many, however, he told everyone to get their Aso Ebi ready as he would be getting married to Chioma in 2020

September 2019: Davido proposes to Chioma

What’s a wedding without a memorable proposal? Davido proved to everyone that he was going to do take all the right steps as he officially proposed to Chioma on Thursday, September 12, 2019. The proposal took place among close friends in a restaurant in London.

October 2019: Davido and Chioma welcome baby boy

While fans were still basking the euphoria ahead of a big celebrity wedding, Chioma and Davido were both far away in Europe waiting for the arrival of their first child together. On Sunday, October 20, 2019, Davido announced on his Twitter page that Chioma had given birth to a baby boy. He named him David Adedeji Ifeanyi Adeleke Jnr. Social media went into a frenzy over the news of Chioma’s baby.

June 2020: Chioma denies domestic violence rumours in her relationship with Davido

2020 was indeed a very challenging year for many including celebrities. In 2020, there were rumours that Davido and Chioma got into a physical altercation. These rumours began to spread after he was spotted with a broken leg. Chioma then released a statement via her Instagram page where she denied the rumours.

February 2021: Davido spotted with Instagram model Mya Yafai in the Caribbean

After revealing in an interview that he called off his wedding plans with Chioma because of the coronavirus pandemic, it became clear all was not exactly well in the ‘Assurance’ ship. Well, in Feb 2021, the music star was spotted holding hands with IG model, Mya Yafai while on vacation in the Caribbean.

March 2021; Davido in loved up photos with IG Model Mya Yafai

While numerous devotees of Chioma and Davido accepted the viral video with Yafai was a serious mix-up, much to their dismay that was just the what tops off an already good thing. In March 2021, photographs of the music star and the model locking lips at a gathering in the United States of America broke the Internet. The photographs just affirmed that Davido and Chioma’s once appreciated relationship may have informally smashed.

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