CONSULTANCY: Technical Support for Public Health Response to COVID 19 Emergencies in Schools at World Health Organization

  1. Purpose of the Consultancy

A consultant is needed to work under WHO County Office supervision to support Public Health Response in schools in the context of COVID 19 outbreak. The consultant will provide technical assistance to IMT and Ministry of Education and Sports and related public health response structures/teams as may be formed by IMT for the purpose of supporting schools.

  1. Background: The WHO Country Office continue supported Ministry of Health implement several public health interventions including to COVID 19 emergency. The recent opening of learning institutions on 10 January 2021 further escalates the requirement for support to the Ministry. In order to reduce and mitigate the risk of amplification of cases in the schools, the Country Office joined the Schools reopening team formed by MoES and MoH. Technical support is therefore required for this team to upgrade its capability to effectively analyse prevailing risks, availability of measures and to devise prompt localized corrective actions.
  2. A consultant is required to ensure technical pertinence and scientific soundness of public health actions delivered by Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education and Sports in the context of COVID 19. Specifically, the incumbent is required to ensure availability of a harmonized coordination mechanism under one roof, effective management of surveillance actions at national and district level and robust response to all COVID 19 health emergencies in schools/learning centres. Reports arising from this contributions should from time to time provided to IMT and separate to WCO for feedback.
  3. Planned timeline
    Start date: ASAP
    End date: 12 weeks mission
  4. Work to be performed
    Output 1: In close collaboration with technical leads at MoH, MoES and IM, provide technical assistance, guide, and ensure expeditious implementation of the health sector requirements of the School reopening response plan/guidelines. Monitor and advise application of set standards and norms, advise on development and execution of public health technical guidance and validate training, resource mobilization and communication materials
    Output 2: Under the guidance of the IM and in close collaboration with technical leads at MoH, MoES, support all aspects of COVID 19 public health response actions in the schools in support to the MOH, work with partners and facilitate delivery of public health standards commensurate and in compliance with the requirements of national and WHO’s generic guidance for schools.
    Output 3: Ensure effective planning and implementation of actions addressing the risk of outbreak and/or health emergency, co-develop action plans for interventions in high-risks groups/institutions and recommend measures for special attention
    Output 4: Monitor the early prevention, detection, verification, assessment and investigation of any risks of outbreaks in learning institutions and the dissemination of data related to the threat and outbreak and ensure robust response to pre-empty escalation and containment of clusters in learning institutions
    Output 5: In collaboration of IM and in close collaboration with technical leads at MoH and MoES, support the rapid response teams to enable rapid investigation of alerts, field risk assessments and early response to all COVID 19 emergencies in the schools.
    Output 6: Ensure that the messages developed for use in the learning institutions are technically sound and socio-culturally appropriate to induce, engage and empower stakeholders in the prevention, mitigation and control of risks
    Output 6: Support national authorities and partners in ensuring that the necessary medical supplies at available in the districts and health facilities to address the existing and foreseen risks and to prevent the fatalities due to COVID 19 among learners.
    Output 7: In close collaboration with technical leads at MoH, MoES and IM, support formation and functionality of a robust coordination mechanism composed of technical leads for the various functions and with a clear School Response lead.
    Output 8: Perform any other incident-specific related duties, as required by the functional supervisor and WR
  5. Technical Supervision
    The selected Consultant will work under the supervision of WHO Representative (WR) for Uganda Country Office, Dr Yonas TEGEGN (, and his team.
  6. Qualifications required:
    Advanced degree in life science-related field (MD, MSc, MPH, or PhD); knowledge of public health and operational research added advantage.

Experience in the following:
• Public Health emergency response experience
• Contextual experience in working with learning and public health systems
• Contextual knowledge of the Uganda health system and emergency response system.

  • Skills / Technical skills and knowledge:
    • Strong communication skills
    • Ability to blend with teams from the multisectoral and multidisciplinary areas.
    • Practical skills in capacity building for teams
    • Ability to lead teams to completion of tasks
  • Language requirements:
    • Excellent command of English language both written and oral
  • Place of assignment
    The consultant will be making frequent engagement with staff at the WHO Country Office in Uganda. Depending on the requirements, a temporary workstation could be available as may be required.
  • Medical clearance
    According to prevailing staff rule governing contract type issued.
  • Travel
    All travel arrangements will be made by WHO according to rules that govern the contract

How to apply

Send applications to