Consultant Analyse du projet

Terms of Reference for Individual Contracts

Title : Individual Contractors, Consultants and Fellows

Contract Type : individual contract

Grade : NOA

UNHCR Representation in Niger, Protection Section

2. Project details (or ABOD details):

Title of project: Contributing to the improvement of the protection and community security of border populations in the Northern area of Tillaberi region (Appui à l’amélioration de la protection et à la sécurité communautaire des populations frontalières dans le nord de la région de Tillabéri)

Purpose of project: The Consortium constituted by the 3 UN agencies (IOM, UNHCR, ONUDC) aims to improve the protection and the community security/safety of the populations living in the border areas of the northern part of Tillberi region.

3. Duration and dates of the assignment:

From: Asap 2021 To: August 2023

Work 100% (fulltime) during above-mentioned period: Yes No (if no specify)

Working Hours [*check one*]: ( ) Applicable ( ) Not Applicable

Total amount of days/weeks/months to be worked: 480 days/96 weeks/24 months

4. Location(s) (specify if working from home): Niamey, Tillaberi region

5. Assignment and/or Mission travel applicable Yes No

If yes, specify destination(s) and period(s): Tillaberi region

6. Suggested fee (daily/weekly/monthly/lump sum) and currency:

Total budgetary amount allocated for individual contract (incl. travel and DSA etc.):

Payment schedule:

7. General Background of Project or Assignment:

The IOM, UNHCR and UNODC consortium aims to provide support for improving the protection of populations in general and people at risk of statelessness in particular in the border areas of the Tillaberi region, as well as support to the improvement of stability, inter-community relations and dialogue between border communities and state structures in the departments of Tera, Ayerou and Abala. More specifically, the intervention targets the municipalities of Tera, Diagourou, Gorouol (Tera), Ayorou and Inates (Ayerou), as well as Abala and Sanam (Abala).

8. Occupational Safety and Health Considerations

To view occupational safety and health considerations for specific duty stations, please visit this link:

Specific Occupational Safety and Health Considerations to this assignment (if applicable):


9. Overall Purpose and Scope of Assignment:

Concise and detailed description of activities, including measurable outputs and delivery dates, impact indicators (what qualitative and quantitative results would be achieved upon completion of individual contract), performance indicators (time lines, value of the service rendered in relation to the cost, timeliness) and work plan:

· Perform the daily monitoring of the project implementation in the areas of interventions;

· Ensure the participation to regular coordination meetings relevant for the project;

· Liaising with the other agencies of the consortium for the achievements of expected results and deliverables affected to the project;

· Contribute to and facilitate the project implementation of results-based advocacy with sectorial partners involved in Niamey and Tillaberi regions;

· Contribute to and facilitate effective information management through the provision of disaggregated data on populations of concern and their problems;

· Assist capacity-building initiatives for communities and individuals to assert their rights;

· Participate in initiatives to capacitate authorities, relevant institutions and NGOs to strengthen national protection related legislation and procedures;

· Intervene with authorities on protection issues;

· Assist the supervisor in enforcing compliance of staff and implementing partners with global protection policies and standards of professional integrity in the delivery of protection services;

· Enforce compliance with, and integrity of, all protection standard operating procedures.

10. Required level, qualifications and work experience:

Level of responsibilities required (mark as appropriate) for individual contractors and fellows: **

Entry Level Support Mid-Level Support Senior Level Support Local Professional Level Junior Level Professional Senior Level Professional


The assignment is for an Individual Consultant

Qualification and experience required (degree required, years of work experience, field of expertise, language required):

One year relevant experience with Undergraduate degree; or no experience with Graduate degree; or no experience with Doctorate degree*

11. Monitoring and Progress Controls (report requirements, periodicity, format, deadlines):

a. The final product (e.g. survey completed, data collected, workshop conducted, research documents produced specify):

b. Work on the basis of time employed: Yes No

c. If it is to result in a written product specify:

a. Number of pages:

b. Language(s):

c. Number of copies:

How to apply

Application must include :

· A signed letter of motivation addressed to the Representative UNHCR.

· And a personal record (P11) up to date and available for download at**p11**new.doc

Procedure for the submission of the application file:

Send the application package online to the following address:

Enter the reference of the vacancy notice on the subject line: AVP/AWF/006/2021- Consultant Analyse du projet Appui à l’amélioration de la protection et à la sécurité communautaire des populations frontalières du nord Tillaberi>, Niamey.

The attachments (letter of motivation, P11, CV etc.) must be on separate files and not exceed 20MB.

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited and submitted to a written test and then, if they reach the required level, to an interview.

Closing date for receipt of files:

The deadline for submitting applications is Wednesday november 10, 2021.