“Darkness Awaits Us If We Do Nothing About These Attacks”- ATIKU

Haziness Awaits Us If We Do Not End The Attacks on Our Citadels of Learning.

The snatching of yet an undefined number of students of the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Benue State, is one kidnapping too much. It marks both an inadmissible acceleration and a development of this hazard, and we should not just guarantee that the stole young people are safeguarded, however significantly more critically, we should place in measures to forestall future reoccurrences.

This should not be permitted to turn into our new ordinary. It is the ideal opportunity for us as a country to confront the truth that we have a crisis on our hands. A disaster that should be unequivocally managed before it snowballs into an existential emergency.

We should quit approaching these demonstrations of culpability like a child. That’s it! There should be the security of lives and property in our bastions of learning. Without it, there would be a deficiency of trust in the area, which will bring about low enrolment rates in a country that is now the world base camp for out of younger students.

This is even more motivation behind why I have kept up in the past that exemption should offer approach to correctional measures. At the point when crooks benefit from their culpability, wrongdoing will increment.

The solitary reaction from all legislatures in Nigeria to demonstrations of snatching, hijacking and unlawful confinement of people should be to bring the full weight of the law on the culprits of these grievous violations.

When these crooks have lucidity on what anticipates them should they toe such disasters ways, at that point their dauntlessness to submit insidious will be debilitated, and slowly, this appalling section in our public life will turn into a relic of days gone by.

I restore the call I made on Monday, March 15, 2021, for a highly sensitive situation to be pronounced in the training area and for 24 hour outfitted watchmen to be posted at all schools in the influenced states.

Indeed, it is a costly endeavor. In any case, we should acknowledge that whatever we put resources into protecting the existences of Nigeria’s childhood merits the cost, as nothing is, or can be more significant to us than our young people, who will take up the rod after we are no more.

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