Davido and New Girlfriend Mya Yafai Caught Kissing on Camera as Assurance Trends

Nigerian Afrobeat star, Davido has set the social media buzzling with activity as he was seen kissing his new girlfriend Mya Yafai in new photos.

The singer was reportedly caught holding hands with his new chick who’s an Instagram model in the United States two weeks ago.

That had sparked rumors of a possible split between the singer and his Nigerian longtime sweetheart, Chef Chioma.

However, with the new development in pictures, the assurance he gave to Chioma of not leaving her is out of the window and the singer has officially displayed his new heartthrob.

Fans of Chioma have always stood by her and in times like this, they are already bashing Davido on twitter for not sticking to his woman.

The hashtag “Assurance” is currently trending with some funny tweets coming along.

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