Deutsche Telekom, Slovak unit lose appeal against EU antitrust fine

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Deutsche Telekom and its Slovak unit on Thursday lost their fight against an antitrust fine levied nearly a decade ago by European Union enforcers after Europe’s top court endorsed the sanctions.

The two companies got a joint fine of 38.8 million euros ($45.8 million) and Deutsche Telekom a further 31-million-euro penalty by the ecu Commission in 2014.

The EU watchdog said the 2 had charged unfair wholesale prices in Slovakia to squeeze out broadband competitors during a practice referred to as margin squeeze that lasted quite five years ranging from 2005.

Deutsche Telekom and Slovak Telekom subsequently challenged the choice at the overall Court which during a 2018 ruling reduced Deutsche Telekom’s fine by a few third to 19 million euros and trimmed the joint fine to 38.06 million.

The operators however decided to appeal to the Luxembourg-based Court of Justice of the ecu Union (CJEU) on points of law.

The CJEU threw out the appeals and kept the reduced fines for the businesses .

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