“Embrace your broke beau today” Woman gives update one year after she spouted about her friend’s boyfriend who ‘gave’ her 1 million Naira as Val’s gift

A woman has returned to Twitter to tell women to value their broke boyfriends one year after she gushed about her friend’s boyfriend giving her 1 million Naira on Valentine’s Day.

The Twitter user, identified as Bibi, tweeted in February 2020: “My friend’s boyfriend gave her N1m for Vals. She has now dashed me 5k for lunch. Our in law.”

She added: “He’s Kalabari by the way. Get you an Ijaw king today.

Now, the relationship is over and she discovered her friend had been the one who transferred the 1 million Naira to herself and pretended it’s from her boyfriend, just to “oppress” her friends.

Bibi returned to Twitter hours ago to write: “Hmmmmmmnnnnn. E don spoil oh. And we are hearing the truth small small. Nobody gave anyone N1m for Valentine oh. They transferred it to themselves and used as DP to oppress us.
Hug your broke boyfriend today.”

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