Finance Advisor (Development)

Background Information – Job-specific

The Sanitation and Hygiene Fund is a UNOPS Trust Fund committed to saving lives and improving the well being of people by improving access to sanitation, hygiene and menstrual health hygiene. The Fund will invest in country led programmes to accelerate progress and sustainable impact toward the achievement of SDG 6.2.

The Fund will maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of international development assistance and national investment. Staff at the Fund manage grants and other financial modalities, coordinate with partners,support countries, monitor and evaluate results, report on progress, manage donor relations and raise funds.

At the core of the new architecture is a country funding model designed to be an efficient and effective mechanism that can operate at scale and deliver impact and supported by a suite of policies that define how funding is to be invested. The SHF uses development and impact innovative finance mechanisms, including co-financing by recipient countries, to secure sustainable funding and the long term sustainability of its programs.

The SHF is looking for mission-oriented, collaborative, open minded and flexible candidates who are passionate about global development.

Role of the Finance Advisor (Development)

Reporting to the Head of Country Fund Portfolio and in the context of the SHF business model, the Finance Advisor (Development) will apply financial and development financing knowledge to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6, Target 2: By 2030, achieve access to adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all and end open defecation, paying special attention to the needs of women and girls and those in vulnerable situations. This includes menstrual health, and sanitation and hygiene in rural and urban settings in rural and non-sewered urban areas.

This position is expected to travel frequently around the region and occasionally outside the region.
Functional responsibilities**

A. Support country engagement:

Related to management of SHF pre-financing advisory services

  • In coordination with the Country Fund Portfolio Manager, establish the scope of services to be provided by the SHF pre-financing advisory services contractor to each country.
  • Manage the performance-based contract with the SHF-procured advisory services contractor to provide required services to countries to contribute to country investment cases.
  • Provide technical support to countries to identify the right type of in-country advisory services and partnerships needed to develop country investment cases.

Related to country investment cases:

  • Inform decisions and make recommendations about SHF investments to ensure that consideration has been given to all aspects of risk and opportunity from the perspective of investment readiness and value for money.
  • Provide advice to countries on setting the scope of country investment cases and on drafting Terms of Reference for use of advisory services to contribute to preparation of investment cases.
  • Provide advice to countries, and manage advisory services input, on selection of bankable projects to be included in country investment cases, including converting project objectives into SMART metrics, identification of delivery mechanisms and partners and estimate costs of implementation.
  • Coordinate with the Country Fund Portfolio Manager and Specialists to ensure that country investment cases are used to drive transformational changes in the sector enabling environment.

Related to investment structuring:

  • With the Country Portfolio group, lead the development of innovative financing mechanisms that attract new investments.
  • Provide advice to countries, and manage advisory services input, on estimating financial returns and considering risk mitigation strategies for selection of projects.;
  • Provide advice to SHF , and manage advisory services inputs, on strategy and determining the appropriate role for SHF to play in catalying and leveraging maximum level of investment (for example through brokering or acting at a guarantor, playing a role in an impact bond structure, use of grant-funded technical assistance, de-risking through concessional finance etc.) and clearly explain the opportunities and risks associated with different options.

Investor engagement:

  • Identify and assist with the facilitation of partnerships between global and domestic investors and the Country Portfolio Group to address needs presented through country Investment cases and supporting financing strategies
  • Maintain a regular dialogue with investment intermediaries in SHF eligible countries to maximise inputs by aligning support to countries on developing and securing new investments.
  • Regularly gather intelligence on and maintain a dialogue with potential investors (development finance institutions, foundations, corporates and financial investors) for investments in country investment cases and bankable projects.
  • Provide advice to coutrines and to SHF, and manage advisory services inputs, on selecting the appropriate investment structure and delivery partners.

B. Enhancing SHF capability on financing

  • Ensure that the SHF is at the forefront of efforts to apply well targeted development financing options to progress country-based sanitation, hygiene and menstrual health.
  • Working with the SHF leadership, contribute to the positioning and building of SHF capability to ensure it can work effectively with partner countries as a preferred partner on finance for sanitation, hygiene and menstrual health.
  • Ensure that the SHF pre-financing and investment activities comply with UNOPS procedures.
  • Source financing expertise to bolster internal capacity and managing short-term expert inputs.
  • Contribute to the development of knowledge products for eligible countries.
  • Represent the SHF in a small number of identified external forums and/or partnerships as needed.

a. Education

Masters in finance, business administration, development financing or related areas is required.

b. Work Experience

Minimum 7 years experience required in development financing in a multilateral development bank, consulting advisory role or similar is required.

Experience in providing advice on advanced forms of innovative financing instruments and options, including blended finance is required.

Technical knowledge of supporting governments, finance institutions and investors in preparation of investment plans and bankable projects is required.

Excellent knowledge of development issues is essential along with a working knowledge of sanitation and hygiene is required

Recent experience in social impact investments in sanitation and similar is desirable.

c. Language**

Fluency in English and French (speaking, writing and reading) is required.

Contract type: Individual Contractor Agreement
Contract level: International Individual Contractor Agreement Level 3
Contract duration: Ongoing ICA – Open-ended, subject to organizational requirements, availability of funds and satisfactory performance.
For more details about the ICA contractual modality, please follow this link:

This position is based in Switzerland and the contract fee is not exempt from Swiss laws, including but not limited to laws regarding taxation, social security, accident and health insurance.

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