Funke Akindele -Those who looked down on me back then will surely be like ‘had I known’

Actress Funke Akindele has dished out an advice on relationship with people that are yet to seek out an edge in life.

In tweets she shared, Funke Akindele advised against looking down on people as they will “be subsequent big thing”. She also stated that those that looked down on her within the past, will surely be like ‘had I known’.

The actress also told those that are looked down on, to stay working like nobody is watching, embrace constructive criticism and also use it to their advantage.

Akindele tweeted;

Don’t look down on anyone!! they’re going to surely be subsequent big thing!!Those who looked down on me some time past will surely be like had I knownDon’t stop supporting peeps even when some are ungrateful. Just skills & when to draw the road .We are all on earth for a purpose!

To those being looked down on,keep doing all of your thing!Keep working like nobody is watching!One day you’ll get an enormous YES which will take you to subsequent big level.Never hand over .Ignore Naysayers!Believe in your dreams &go for it.Embrace constructive criticism& use it to ur advantage

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