IGP Under Pressure To Arrest Igboho As Activist Snubs Police Invitation

Oyo CP talked with extremist, says letter came from Abuja – Source

Igboho option to dismiss indicated IGP’s greeting, says YCE recorder

The Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, is accepted to be feeling the squeeze to capture Yoruba rights lobbyist, Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho, for requiring the withdrawal of the Yoruba from Nigeria.

It was discovered that the police may again endeavor to complete a secret activity to arrest Igboho having neglected to capture him a month ago.

Discoveries demonstrate that the police specialists are in a predicament on the most proficient method to contain the extremist who has been requesting the withdrawal of the Yoruba from the nation, following the disappointment of the Federal Government to control the instability in the South-West.

Security sources said the police are being mindful so as not to disturb the sensitive security circumstance in the South-West, which may get bothered if Igboho is powerfully captured.

A senior cop, who addressed one of our reporters on state of secrecy, said, “The IG has been feeling the squeeze to capture Igboho however a few chiefs from the South-West have additionally exhorted against Igboho’s capture to try not to toss the locale into tumult. Igboho has an enormous after which may respond savagely in the event that he is captured. The police specialists are in an issue over the issue however I think the IG capitulated to pressure from government birds of prey who are awkward with Igboho’s sharp requires the crumbling of the country.”

The lobbyist had on Friday affirmed that the IG sent letters to him yet his security group wouldn’t acknowledge the letter, refering to fear for his wellbeing.

In a proclamation by his media assistant, Olayomi Koiki, Igboho said a letter was shipped off him on Thursday by means of messenger administration while another was brought to his home by around 15 cops.

The assertion read, “We might want to tell the global local area and each Nigerian that toward the beginning of today, first of April, 2021, a letter was sent through DHL to Chief Sunday Igboho however the letter was not gotten by his security group.

“Later around 3pm of that very day, a group of around six men without uniform showed up in a (Toyota) Corolla vehicle and another nine were in police uniform however all were recognized as cops.

“They needed to see Chief Sunday Igboho with a letter said to have been routed to him by the Inspector-General of Police. Once more, the letter was not gotten by Chief Sunday’s security group.

“Boss Sunday might want to know why a letter was shipped off him and for what reason. On the off chance that the IG of Police needs to welcome him, we might want him to initially send similar letter to every one of the crooks and Boko Haram individuals slaughtering our moms and ranchers and those abducting them.

“Since the IG of Police needs to welcome him, he should disclose an assertion routed to Chief Sunday Igboho. We should all recollect how a letter was shipped off the late Dele Giwa.”

Igboho turned into a subject important to government after he served a notification to stop on Fulani herders in certain pieces of the South-West in January.

The police first endeavor to capture him was on February 26 when he was confronted by security specialists around the Guru Maharaji transport stop along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

The move was, be that as it may, thwarted by the dissident’s supporters.

Talking on the experience in a meeting , Igboho had said he didn’t have a clue why he was being focused on, encouraging the Federal Government to zero in on catching Boko Haram pioneer, Abubakar Shekau, and welcome Islamic minister, Sheik Ahmad Gumi, who had been meeting with outlaws and mentioning acquittal for them.

He said, “I was rarely welcomed. They just lay in snare for me at Guru Maharaji and began shooting. They began yelling, ‘Where is Sunday Igboho?’ I recognized myself and asked them what the issue was. They said I was set to be locked up and I said, ‘For what? On my dad’s property?’ That was the way it deteriorated.

“At the point when they saw how tense wherever was, they escaped. They came in four Hilux vans and a Toyota Land Cruiser. There are outlaws working everywhere except individuals like me who are guarding our country are the ones you need to capture. Why?”

Inquired as to whether the police had welcomed him, he said, “I have not been welcomed. How have I dealt with warrant a capture? For what reason would they like to capture me? What have I done?”

On whether he would respect a police greeting whenever welcomed, Igboho said, “Proceed to request that they welcome Gumi and Shekau first prior to upsetting me. Allow them to confront the criminals all things considered.”

Inquired as to whether he would seek total isolation, he said, “What for? I’m in the area. I can’t run.”

Igboho additionally revealed that his ledger was frozen for some time before the limitation was subsequently lifted.

Igboho option to dismiss indicated IG’s greeting – YCE recorder

The Secretary General of Yoruba Council of Elders, Dr Kunle Olajide, upheld Igboho’s choice to dismiss the IG’s letter of greeting, saying it was dubious.

Olajide, who said this in a meeting with one of our reporters in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital on Friday, expressed that it was perilous to get such a letter particularly with the circumstance of things in the country.

He added that it was not proper to have welcomed Igboho to Abuja, given the hazardous condition of streets in the country.

Olajide said if the police had any inquiry for Igboho, he could be locked in by senior cops in Ibadan, instead of venturing out to Abuja.

Olajide said, “The police, in their construction, have the Assistant Inspector-General of Police, Commissioner of Police and other senior cops. Aside from the police, there is a chief heading the Department of State Services in each state, so sending the letter from the IG to Sunday Igboho looks dubious.

“Regardless of whether the greeting is from the IG, I would have anticipated that he should guide his officials in Oyo State to meet Igboho and examine with him. It is unsafe to take such a letter and I for one won’t take such a letter. The letter raises doubt, in my own view.

“It is even hazardous to welcome someone right from Ibadan to Abuja. The danger on the thruway is there. There are officials around in the state who could ask him any inquiry the police need to ask him. I concur with him not to have gotten the letter since individuals have gotten letters in the past which ended up being package bombs.”

The YCE recorder added that he would be astounded if Igboho’s speculation with respect to the justification the greeting was right.

He said, “I will be amazed in light of the fact that Miyetti Allah has expressed more regrettable things on public TV and in the papers and no one welcomed them for cross examination.

“Our security organizations should be autonomous and not be sectarian so that individuals won’t accept that a specific ethnic gathering is better than the others. That is significant particularly at this basic point where there is shared doubt among the ethnic gatherings.”

Lobbyist has disregarded no law, SANs tell IG

Likewise responding, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Chief Ifedayo Adedipe, said he didn’t know about any law that Igboho abused by declining to acknowledge the letter from the IG. The SAN added that the extremist had motivations to be apprehensive given the conditions in which the letter was to be conveyed.

Adedipe said, “I don’t know about any law that says if a letter is to be conveyed to you, you could say no or you could acknowledge it. I would not say that he has penetrated any law by declining to acknowledge the letter from the Inspector-General of Police. That isn’t a wrongdoing, since, in such a case that you say something is a wrongdoing or is unlawful, there should be in presence, as the constitution requires, a particular law, whose segment arrangements are spelt out and punishment accommodated non-recognition of such law. Thus, if a letter is to be conveyed to a man and he said, ‘I’m not tolerating the letter.’ That isn’t an offense.”

The SAN said all together not to make strain, the IG might have welcomed Igboho on telephone or send a couple police officers to convey the letter as opposed to countless cops.

Adedipe added, “If the man (IG) wishes to welcome him (Igboho), he could either connect a call with him or send a couple police officers to convey the letter, and not send an unexpected of nine men to convey a letter. What sort of letter is that? It is safe to say that they are conveying an elephant? At the point when you needed to send an entire unforeseen, the man is on the right track to be troubled.”

Also, Chief Mike Ozekhome (SAN), said it was ethically off-base for the police to follow Igboho while the heads of Miyetti Allah had not been welcomed or captured for their activities.

Ozekhome, who said Igboho had become the substance of the Yoruba’s battle for self-assurance, said capturing him would be counter-beneficial.

He said, “I will encourage the police to initially capture heads of Miyetti Allah who have come out sequentially to take ownership of numerous killings, anarchy, intrusion of farmlands and assault of blameless ladies prior to considering Igboho.

“Igboho’s calls for Yoruba power are simply verbal. The demonstrations of Miyetti Allah are unmistakable and seen by everyone. Calls for self-assurance are real. This is perceived by global instruments and associations, including the UNO, African Commission on Human and People’s Rights, AU, EU and others.

“More significant is the way that Igboho is wearing the new essence of the battle for Yoruba’s journey for self-assurance. Capturing or confining him will be counter-beneficial.”

Likewise talking, a previous Vice-President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Mr Monday Ubani, said Igboho had motivations to be apprehensive for his life. He encouraged the dissident to respect the IG’s greeting, joined by his attorney, all together not to seem like a rebellious pe

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