Is it important to have sex on first night?

Question: I am a 23-year- old girl and will be getting married soon. However, I am getting increasingly worried about the sexual relationship that marriage will bring with it. Since I have never been in any relationship before, most of my doubts about sex have been clarified by my friends. But my biggest concern is that if my husband forces me to have sex on our first night together, I will not be ready for it. Tell me, is it essential for the marriage to be consummated on the first night itself ?
– PB

Answer by Dr. Sanjay Chugh: Most of the people I have known consummated their marriage several days after they were married. Of course, that is if they hadn’t done so before the wedding day itself ! In today’s world, in which pre-marriage festivities go on for several days, if not weeks, the newly-weds are probably sleeping together even before they hit the suhaag raat bed.

Postmarriage, it is just when all the sleepiness and exhaustion of the wedding functions have dialed down that a few gets into the mind-set. Be that as it may, if the initial not many experiences are not pleasurable enough, these will likely leave an adverse consequence on the mind.

Here’s a directive for each one of those out there who are going to hit the marital sack: Consummate quiet, or apologize at recreation! Sex or having intercourse can be the wellspring of such a lot of delight, given a couple of awkward, hurried, torment filled strokes at the beginning don’t leave any sort of negative imprint on the mind of any of the two members. My center pantries are brimming with case accounts of couples who believed that the suhaag raat was represent the deciding moment day when the butterflies must be liberated. What’s more, they were at long last given vaginismus or erectile brokenness/ineptitude due to their inappropriate flurry.

  • Dr. Sanjay Chugh, specialist

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