Labor Mobility and Human Development Intern at International Organization for Migration

  1. Support the RTS in providing policy advice and technical expertise on a variety of thematic areas, including but not limited to labor mobility, skills mobility, diaspora engagement, diversity, integration and social cohesion, livelihoods and enterprise development by providing technical inputs for the development of policy and operational resources.
  2. Contribute to coordinating divisional policy initiatives related to labor mobility, skills mobility partnerships, social cohesion, diaspora engagement, enterprise development with the aim of strengthening organizational resources and knowledge on these thematic areas.
  3. Support the LHD RTS in rolling out the inhouse training program on Social Protection and coordinate the technical workshops with governments in MENA region, contribute to IOM’s Working Group on Humanitarian Development Peace Nexus (HDPN) and the DIAP project on transition from Cash-Based Interventions (CBI) to SP, in coordinating the piloting of a self assessment tool for city administrations on integration in MENA region.
  4. Draft and prepare information and guidance materials, including review of standardized training courses for labor migration officials, labor inspectors and labor attaches as well as government officials engaging with diaspora or local authorities dealing with diversity, integration and social cohesion for internal and external use, in coordination with LHD Specialists and other relevant divisions.
  5. Support the LHD RTS in the rotational management of the global Community of Practice on Enterprise development and entrepreneurship. 6. Assist the LHD RTS in supporting and bringing forward cross-thematic migration management initiatives, which go beyond LHD, such as the regional migration governance programs in North Africa.
  6. Assist the LHD RTS in supporting and bringing forward cross-thematic migration management initiatives, which go beyond LHD, such as the regional migration governance programs in North Africa.
  7. In coordination with RTS and PMs of continental programs (ARMP and JLMP) on implementation of these projects concerning MENA countries, including notably the work of IOM’s African Capacity Center for Migration Management (ACBC) on Labor Mobility, Skills mobility and Social Protection.
  8. Support IOM Regional and Country Offices, in coordination with LHD Regional Thematic Specialist, on emerging national and regional trends, donor priorities and resource mobilization for the development and execution of projects.
  9. Provide support in developing national and subregional LHD strategies for the missions in MENA in line with GCM, MSD, Strategic Vision, Africa Continental strategy and regional strategy for MENA.
  10. Coordinate and organize regular quarterly meetings between RTs and LHD FPs in all field missions.
  11. Within the framework of IOM’s Migration and Sustainable Development Strategy, provide support to IOM field missions with IDF project proposal development which is in line with the objectives of the strategy.
  12. Assists the RTS in developing strong working relationships with relevant government counterparts and participate in external LHD related engagements to enhance awareness of IOM’s capacities in the LHD field and pursue increased cooperation with key stakeholders such as relevant UN agencies, international organizations, NGOs, academia, and the private sector, e.g. IBCs in MENA.
  13. Perform such other duties as may be assigned.

How to apply

Interested candidates are invited to submit a CV and cover letter to on or before the 23 February 2022. Late submissions will not be considered. Applications with missing documents will be treated as incomplete and will not be considered for further assessment. Please clearly indicate in the subject line of your email the internship title and the relevant reference number “Labor Mobility and Human Development Intern”, CFCV/RO/2022/01”. Kindly note that for efficiency reasons, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.