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Ogochukwu Maduako, owner of I farm, You Eat, shares his experience how she quit an oil service job to build her business.

Ogochukwu Maduako, an alum of Agricultural Economics and Extensions of Abia State University, is a food processor in Rivers State. She got her graduate degree in International Economics and Finance from River State University of Science and Technology.

Ms Maduako began cultivating in 2017 as a side hustle however surrendered completely in 2019 to zero in on her business. In this nineteenth scene of our Women in Agriculture arrangement, Ms Maduako shares her experience on how she transforms eggshells into calcium enhancements and Scouring powder.

PT: You are into farming, what part of horticulture is that?

Ms Maduako: Actually, we fired up possessing a plantain ranch that had a place with poachers. we never truly benefitted from cultivating plantain, so we went on to wander into reusing.

First and foremost, we run an organization called IFARM (IngeniousFarm Nigeria Limited). After our involvement in plantain cultivating, where we made next to zero benefit, we chose to consider something that we could do, I concocted the prospect of reusing agric squander, however at a point, I resembled which of the agric waste will I reuse? One day I went to a market in Imo State, and I ran into snail shell and I contemplated internally the snail shell is wealthy in calcium. What might be said about reusing it for ranchers?

I just felt the snail shell has a ton of benefits. So I addressed a companion, who is as of now into snail cultivating and he said that snail shells are awesome yet reusing snail shells will be extreme. Since I’m simply beginning, rather than snail shells, why not reuse eggshells? I resembled the last time I knew about it was in optional school, when we really reused some into scouring powder and that individuals definitely thought about it and he said imagine a scenario in which they don’t.

I went on to explore on eggshells and it’s looked fascinating. As right now, I was working in an oil adjusting firm in Port Harcourt (9 – 5). I began going to outlets like; pastry kitchens, indomie and egg spots, eateries and so on

I orchestrated a pickup group whereby we circumvent getting eggshells two times every week. For the first year, we got it free of charge; in this manner, we were approached to pay. We reuse eggshells into calcium for poultry birds, birds, vegetables like tomatoes and so on we began discussing it via web-based media and instructing individuals as individuals that definitely realize the utilization were reaching us and buying gradually.

While we were searching for a typical item individuals can purchase, not really ranchers, so I just considered transforming it into scouring powder since it’s an item everyone employments. I went on to begin creating scouring powder We really formed our own scouring powder produced using eggshells.

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