Lai Mohammed To Elites: Professors May Work In Togo Bakeries If Nigeria Breaks

Lai Mohammed, priest of data and culture, says it is to the greatest advantage of Nigerian elites for the nation to stay joined together.

Mohammed expressed this on Wednesday when he included on a NAN leader talk with program, NAN Forum.

The priest blamed elites for fanning the ashes of deterioration in the country, and cautioned that they will bear the more noteworthy outcomes if Nigeria separates.

As indicated by him, a few elites who have achieved scholarly status might be left with no alternative than to work in pastry kitchens in adjoining Togo just to endure.

“Our test is more with the elites, not with the commoners. Go to the remotest piece of Nigeria today, you will see Nigerians from various clans, culture and religion living respectively calmly,” he said.

“Elites should start to lead the pack in solidifying the solidarity of the country. Be that as it may, when the elites begin lecturing ancestral contempt, individuals trust them since they think they know better.

“Nigeria represents 70% of West Africa’s populace, and if Nigeria ought to break down today, we will overwhelm Benin Republic, Togo, Niger and other adjoining nations.

“The elites will endure more since certain teachers could be working in bread kitchens in Togo just to endure. We witnessed it when the Liberians came here during their common conflict.

“It is in their own edified interest that they should attempt to fix Nigeria. A large number of them have more than one visa — American, British, Irish — and at the primary difficult situation, they are no more.”

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