Lockdown! Duterte puts Greater Manila area under ECQ from March 29 to April 4

Metro Manila and surrounding provinces, collectively known as the Greater Manila area, have been put under the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), the strictest form of lockdown.

The ECQ will start on March 29 and will end on April 4, Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque said today. Aside from Metro Manila, the ECQ will cover Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal, areas where much of the country’s COVID cases originate.

Roque said that the surge which the country has seen was caused by newer and more transmissible COVID-19 variants.

This is the second time NCR and the surrounding area put down the ECQ, the first time is March 2020. Under this form of lock, only health workers, uniformed personnel, and the authorities outside the residence (apor) are permitted outside. , In terms of apor, they can only leave their homes to buy important items.

Other details announced by Roque are:

Bulk transportation will continue to operate but the capacity is reduced.
All mass meetings of more than 10 people will be banned, including religious meetings.
Anyone under 18 and over 65 years is prohibited from leaving their homes, as well as pregnant and those who have comorbidity.
Groceries, convenience stores, wet markets, and supermarkets will open.
The curfew will be applied from 6pm to 5 in the morning.
Simultaneous vaccination Priority groups from A1 (health care workers) to A3 (people with comorbidity).
The restaurant will open but only for take-out. There is no meal.
The public will be given financial assistance or ayuda, but Roque says the details will only be used as a public on Monday.
There will be a checkpoint and the presence of high uniforms to ensure the implementation of locking.

Rodrigo Duterte’s President’s decision came after the country recorded 9,595 Covid cases at this time, the second highest since the Philippines began to calculate the Coronavirus case. The Dutttte government has begun to vaccinate health workers this month, the latter in Southeast Asia to do so. The government has borrowed millions of dollars in loans to fund inoculation campaigns, but at this time, no vaccine obtained has arrived in the country, and only contributed astrazeneca and the dose of Coronavac was being used.

The ECQ last year was a disaster for all the people concerned, leading to the close of thousands of businesses and unemployed millions of Philippines.

Meanwhile, Hashtag #duterterteresign trending today, because Philippines on Twitter blame the government because of the handling of a bad pandemic. Tonight, nearly 6,000 tweets using tags have emerged.

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