Love Capsule: How my bereaved dad at last wedded his best friend

It has been right around a long time since my mom died. She was a dazzling woman whose presence enchanted the whole house and made everybody around her, cheerful. I miss my mother yet honestly, nobody misses her more than my father. They were school darlings, supposedly by. Everybody used to spout over how they were the prettiest couple around, until mother’s sicknesses made up for lost time to her, gradually removing her life. My father fell quiet, and he neglected to try and capacity appropriately for the principal year and I can’t fault him. I attempted to overcome my life also. I was in school in those days yet my companions and beau upheld me altogether and assisted me with getting my despondency.

My dad’s dearest companion, Nirmala Aunty was a much needed refresher into for our entire lives. She has consistently been spunky and fun; she grasped our lives and made an honest effort to get us to grin once more. My dad and Nirmala aunt had been companions always since they had been in nursery school. They were affectionate neighbors first yet consistently, Nirmala aunt turned into a power to deal with. She was savage, excellent, solid hearted, unconstrained and basically stunning. One felt alive when with her. Be that as it may, my dad has consistently been the timid one; a thoughtful person and geek in his own sense. Also, in school, my father discovered my mother and years after the fact, they got married. It was an upbeat marriage and Nirmala aunt wound up wedding a man yet separated from him a couple of years after the fact.

We all were devastated with my mom passing away, including Nirmala aunty but she quickly tried being the support we all needed at that time. She got things done when my father couldn’t and continued being the ray of light and support for her best friend. To be honest, I wanted my father to be happy once again; to get married to a good lady again. No matter how much I loved my mother and knew that no one could take her place, I understood that my father deserved happiness too. He had to learn to live again, without mom by his side.
As three years went by, things began to fall in place. The light on dad’s face slowly began to return and I couldn’t be more relieved. The house still felt empty but at times when Nirmala aunty frequently visited, I saw my dad visibly cheery. It’s as if he looked forward to those visits all the time. But who knew, their friendship was blossoming into something else?

The tea used to turn cold, whenever my dad and Nirmala aunty laughed away their tears and gossiped about their old school days. The little, crease lines on Baba’s eyes crinkled every time Nirmala aunty walked through the door, only to bring him his favourite sweets from the local sweet shop they used to visit as children.

With these moments, I only wished my dad could be happy again.

And so it happened. On the afternoon of 2017, my father announced that he will be marrying Nirmala aunty. We all were happy, especially me. I held no grudges against her. One would argue that she was stealing my mom’s position in the house but in reality, she warmed all our hearts, especially my dad’s. He was left hollow and in despair when my mom passed away and now, almost 14 years later, he found happiness again. This time, in his best friend.

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