Nigerian Air Force- Wreckage of missing fighter jet has not yet been found

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has excused a report that the destruction of its missing Alpha Jet airplane has been found in Bama, Borno State.

The viral report which was subtitled, ‘Destruction of missing NAF Alpha Jet 475 found in Bama’, asserted that the missing airplane, just as the group of one of the missing pilots, have been found.

The warrior fly during an activity in Northern Nigeria on March 31, disappeared and is yet to be found. Boko Haram delivered a video asserting obligation regarding cutting down the stream, a case the Air Force specialists have since excused.

In a proclamation by its representative, Air Commodore Edward Gabkwet, the Nigeria Air Force NAF portrayed the report as deluding and false and asked people in general to dismiss it.

“From the day control lost radar contact with the aircraft on 31 March 2021, the NAF as a professional fighting force has been keeping members of the public abreast and updated on the missing aircraft and combined efforts of the NAF and Nigerian Army (NA) search and rescue team to locate the crashed aircraft.

It is therefore sad and disheartening that such an unverified story could be published without any effort to confirm its veracity from the NAF.

It is not in dispute that the media as the watchdog of the society have the right to continually inform the public. It should, however, be done within the acceptable dictates of the noble journalism profession,’’ the NAF spokesman said

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