Nigerian Army denies ‘disproportionate’ enlistment for North

The Nigerian Army has exposed a report of unbalanced enrollment into the Army for the northern piece of the country.

The distribution affirmed that the rundown of fruitful possibility for Short Service Commission 47 Selection Board, which was distributed on March 26, 2021, was overwhelmed by up-and-comers of Northern extraction while the South-East had the least competitors.

The chief, Army Public Relations, Brigadier General Mohammed Yerima, while responding to the distribution, said the Nigerian Army carefully consents to the Federal Character strategy in its enlistment interaction.

He said it was uncharitable and conspicuously troublesome for any media association to prepare slants from a straight forward practice led by the Nigerian Army to the greatest advantage of the country.

Yerima, notwithstanding, didn’t determine the quantity of up-and-comers designated to Northeast and Northwest yet noticed that eight applicants were assigned to each state including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

“In like manner, an equivalent number of 8 applicants were chosen from each condition of the league besides in uncommon cases where a state didn’t have the necessary number of qualified possibility to fill its 8 opportunities. In such occurrence, the opening will be filled by an adjoining state from a similar international zone,” he said.

He added that given the number designated per express, the South East which is comprised of 5 States was qualified for 40 up-and-comers. Nonetheless, two additional opening were assigned to the international zone in this manner making a complete 42 up-and-comers rather than 40.

North-Central for example has seven states (FCT comprehensive) and was qualified for 56 applicants notwithstanding two additional opportunities as was likewise distributed toward the South-East gave the absolute of 58 up-and-comers.

The Army representative, in this way, asked media experts to consistently look for explanation at whatever point in question on issues prior to distributing.

“The overall population including media specialists are urged to consistently look for explanation from Army Headquarters at whatever point in question on any issue instead of racing to distribute reports that would be slanderous to the picture of the Nigerian Army and harmful to Nigeria’s solidarity,” Yerima said.

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