Nikki Billie Jean of ‘Everything Ankara’ discusses her Opportunity to style some of Cardi B’s African Print looks

On December fourth, 2019, I was reached by Jennifer Udechukwu, who is an associate beautician to Cardi B’s beautician Kollin Carter. She sent me an immediate message on Instagram referencing that she needed to pull some garments for Cardi B to wear in Nigeria. Jennifer likewise referenced that she would require the garments by that evening before their flight left for Cardi B’s smaller than normal west African visit in Nigeria and Ghana.

With a couple of hours’ notification, I was adequately fortunate to get it going and she wore an orange outfit with an Ankara print funneling point of interest from an All Things Ankara Marketplace merchant.

On November ninth, 2020, Jennifer reached me again referencing they required African print textures and embellishments for a show Cardi B was doing with Facebook.

Kollin Carter and Kollin’s other assistant stylist, Reva Bhatt also reached out to me and picked fabric from the All Things Ankara Shop and gold earrings from the All Things Ankara Marketplace. The fabric Cardi B is wearing is the same fabric I used to design the Ankaranista Suit from the Nikki Billie Jean Shop in 2017.

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