Scottish Rugby is disheartened to learn of the demise recently of John Forster, a mainstay of the game in Argyll. He was 71.

Depicted as “mentor, companion and heartbeat of our club” John McWilliam Forster was the main thrust of Campbeltown Junior Rugby Club.

One of the individuals who profited by his shrewd advice, Allan Wright, Active Schools Co-ordinator for Oban, Lorn and the Isles, said: “On the off chance that it were not for John and his endeavors, particularly around 10-12 years prior, I question there would have been any rugby in Campbeltown at all.

He essentially without any help kept the game above water there.

Allan Wright, talking about the late John Forster

Forster, who cultivated in New Luce, Dumfries and Galloway, played as a flanker for the Wigtownshire club somewhere in the range of 1973 and 1975 and the energy and rawness he brought to his game gave a false representation of his 5ft 10ins, 10½ stone edge. He proceeded to win choice for the Glasgow and District Union side.He kept on playing the game he adored a ways into his 50s.

After a spell in the south-west of England, where he helped potato producers in Cornwall with their showcasing, instituting the logo “Rub me, clean me”, Forster came to Campbeltown, functioning as a farming expert with SAC Consulting, which is connected to Scotland’s Rural College, and satisfied each possible job at the rugby club, above all, as mentor.

Chris Doxsey, PE educator at Campbeltown Grammar School, worked with Forster throughout the most recent eight years subsequent to moving to Argyll from Lancashire.

He said: “I moved here in 2012 and began helping in 2013 and at that stage it was essentially all down to John.He was the heartbeat of the club. He would simply continue pushing on and battling for the club and for rugby.

“We visited a great deal about the route forward for rugby and for the children in the area.Hopefully, the rugby here can go from one solidarity to another and we can continue to create it since that is the thing that John would have needed.”

Scottish Rugby stretches out its genuine sympathies to all John Forster’s family and numerous companions.

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