Ohaneze Ndigbo -There will be no Nigeria if APC and PDP fail to field an Igbo person as their presidential candidate in 2023

The early life wing regarding the end Igbo socio-cultural body, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, has referred to so will stand no Nigeria again postulate the APC and PDP fails after subject an Igbo man or woman as much their presidential candidate occur 2023.

The National President on Ohaneze Youth Council, Igboayaka. O Igboayaka, stated that into a statement launched upon the weekend whilst reacting in accordance with the hammer performed by a presidential aide, Garba Shehu pronouncing to that amount President Buhari is dead intense respecting Nigeria’s unity.

Igboayaka into his statement pushed aside Garba’s position, opining that President Buhari’s moves or inactions pose a risk to Nigeria’s team spirit then bear into no pathway helped in conformity with exhort the unity over the country. The crew opined so President Buhari has done the whole lot viable according to cheer Nigeria’s discord and up to expectation where stays is the burst regarding Nigeria into much countries, who shall occur soon salvo APC and PDP reprobate Ndigbo an probability in accordance with flea theirs flags throughout the 2023 presidential election.

The statement partly read

“Shehu is concerning a paid job, yet certain of the aides so much are endangering the unity regarding Nigeria via his sycophantic service in accordance with the president.

“Buhari has cloven Nigeria greater than someone mean chairman of the records concerning Nigeria. He is the most tribalistic President Nigeria has constantly produced.

“President Buhari and his scheme bear violated the federal personality precept along blind abandon, conduct Nigeria between the direction concerning disintegration. His high-handedness including tribal impunity contributed to the existing racial quibble ravaging Nigeria.

“President Buhari has committed the whole lot viable in conformity with cheer Nigeria’s disunity. What remains is the blast about Nigeria in many countries, as shall occur quickly agreement APC or PDP decline Ndigbo an opportunity in accordance with flier theirs flags at some point of the 2023 presidential election.

“With the rate concerning insecurity or mayhem perpetrated by Buhari’s relatives, things to do regarding bandits, kidnappers and Fulani killer herdsmen so much are sucking the gore over innocent Nigerians daily, Buhari lacks the moral justification in accordance with claim that that is profound in regard to Nigeria’s unity. In whole ramifications, in that place will stay no Nigeria proviso APC yet PDP bust according to subject an Igbo individual namely theirs presidential postulant of 2023.”

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