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Philosophy Essay Grader (Contract)


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Philosophy Essay Grader (Contract)

We are seeking a detail-oriented Philosophy Essay Grader who is passionate about online education. You will assist with grading educational assignments from students in an online, college-level philosophy course. You will use rubrics and other tools to grade submissions and provide feedback to students in a timely manner.

This is a remote, part-time contract role with a flexible schedule (~3-10 hours per week, depending on the volume of submissions), reporting to our Director for Student Success and Advising. Hiring for this role is ongoing and subject to current enrollments and capacity.

What You’ll Do

  • Grade essays for our introductory philosophy course.
  • Utilize rubrics for consistent grading of written student work.
  • Document grades for non-essay writing assignments and student participation.
  • Offer feedback and coaching to students as they develop their philosophical writing.
  • Contribute to course-related discussion prompts and respond to student questions, in collaboration with the academic support and student success teams.
  • Leverage tools to identify plagiarism; report and respond to infractions as needed.
  • Surface common pain points or actionable trends from Philosophy students with the Student Success and Content teams, as appropriate.

What You Have

  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy.
  • Working towards a Masters in Philosophy or other advanced degree in philosophy is highly desirable.
  • Experience interacting with students as a teaching assistant, instructor, or instructional assistant is highly desirable.
  • An understanding of basic reading and writing comprehension.
  • Ability to assess introductory-level philosophy concepts.
  • A keen eye for detail.
  • Ability to work and solve problems independently.
  • Ability to identify areas of potential improvement to ensure student success.
  • Proactive style, with a “no task is too small” attitude.