Rapper Sarkodie has got fans contemplating whether he’s OK or attempting to rebrand himself in the wake of erasing all his Instagram post leaving just two of them

Most of the artists delete all their social media posts especially Instagram ones when they try to rebrand themselves or leave the gram for a while and Sarkodie has just deleted all his posts leaving only two photos of himself.

This isn’t the first time an artist deletes all his/her post on social media or completely leave the gram for one reason or the other but the being Sarkodie has got us wondering why he did it because he hardly posts in the first place.

Sarkodie is not the type that posts every single thing about him or his family on Instagram and now that he has deleted almost all his post leaving only two photos has made us wonder if he’s trying to rebrand himself or leave the gram for a while.

He isn’t someone who usually craves attention for you to say he did that to get the attention of others but then we can only find out why he deleted all his posts on Instagram if he wishes to share with his fans and love ones.

Whether Sarkodie is on the gram or not, his Sarknatives will always make sure to post something about him just as they always do hence if he’s trying to leave the gram by doing that, he will always be there thanks to his fans.

last photo below;

Sarkodie - Ghana's Power Influencers - Who's Who Ghana

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