Reno Omokri leads anti-Buhari protest at Nigeria House, London

Previous official assistant, Reno Omokri and a few Nigerians organized a dissent at the Nigeria House in London against the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.).

The President is at present in London where he would go through about fourteen days to empower him to go through a clinical test.

To communicate their dismay at the clinical outing, Omokri and a gathering of dissenters chose to dissent at the entryway of the Nigeria House waving bulletins with various engravings.

The previous official assistant scrutinized the choice of the President to have himself treated in London after apparently neglecting to assemble a solitary clinic in Nigeria.

“He’s not structure medical clinics for individuals, yet he comes here to appreciate the best in a country that has the rule of law. For what reason wouldn’t he be able to do that in his country?” Omokri inquired.

He proceeded, “His youngsters all educated here in England. He has not constructed a solitary school for Nigerians. In the event that they are debilitated, they all come here.”

Omokri likewise bemoaned the uncertainty in the country and the difficulty Nigerians are going through because of the economy under the Buhari-system.

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