Resident expectations book about canine will be helpful to youngsters

Publishing a children’s book written during the pandemic is not a simple feat, but challenges have never stopped Kathleen Ann Kotlan.“No More Tumbles for Stumbles” (is a beautifully written and illustrated children’s book about the misadventures of a dog with poor eyesight who can finally see when he finds a pair of eyeglasses. The book, published on March 5 is currently available on Amazon, with a percentage of the proceeds going to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and the animal shelter.

Kotlan, of the Village Alhambra,is a licensed massage therapist, but the pandemic has kept her home and unable to visit patients. She saw the extra time as a gift and decided to write a book for children.

“I want to bring joy and happiness to children during this time and I’d like to inspire them to use their imaginations,” said Kotlan, who already is working on two more books.

Children’s books have a special meaning for Kotlan because it’s how she learned to read again following a traumatic brain injury. As a semi-professional softball player at the age of 15, Kotlan was playing with a team in her hometown of St. Petersburg when her foot caught on a base while sliding and her head hit the spike holding the bag.

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