Sheik Gumi-Boko Haram responsible for the kidnapping of the Greenfield University students, not bandits

Islamic minister, Sheik Gumi, says Boko Haram individuals are the ones behind the kidnapping of the understudies of Greenfield University, Kaduna.

The understudies were stole on April 18. Furnished men raged the school and abucted 22 understudies and an instructor. Five of the understudies have been executed by the shooters. There are fears that more may be slaughtered. One of the abductors allowed a meeting throughout the end of the week with Hausa Service of the Voice of America, where he compromised that different understudies may be executed if the payoff for their delivery isn’t paid. Peruse here.

In a meeting with AIT today May 4, Sheik Gumi said Boko Haram individuals were behind the snatching. When asked by the correspondent on the off chance that he for sure referenced that Boko Haram were behind the kidnapping, Sheik Gumi said.

In an interview with AIT today May 4, Sheik Gumi said Boko Haram members were behind the abduction. When asked by the reporter if he indeed mentioned that Boko Haram were behind the abduction, Sheik Gumi said

”Yes, really because when we tried to trace them and put some sense into them, the contact who is also a Normadic Fulani, they threatened him. They said if he insists on them they were going to catch him and he will have to pay ransom before he gets out.

And the leader is from Jalingo. He is from Adamawa. He is not the local fulani we have here. So this means that North-Eastern element is coming into this area and we have to move fast. We don’t have that luxury of time. 

I have been trying to speak with government but nobody is really trying to listen to me or speak with me on this issue. 

We are trying to pacify and remove this banditry and they are responding.”

Reacting to the decision of the Kaduna state government not to negotiate with bandits, Sheik Gumi said 

”Five souls were killed. Why? What amount of money is too big for us to save the lives of those five students, what amount of money? secondly, we can give them the money to get the boys out of danger then go after our money. Nobody is saying you shouldn’t find can get the two back. 

TO say you will not negotiate with them and also not take action against them, I cannot understand that.”

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