Six Simple Steps for Perfect (Boiled & Deviled) Steamed Eggs

Boiled eggs are popular world-wide. We usually over-cook boiled eggs to make sure they are done . . . only because we forgot the exact amount of boiling they need. After guessing wrong twice and throwing about eight under cooked boiled jumbo eggs in the garbage, we switched to steamed eggs. It was worth the disappointment and wasted eggs.

What you need:

  1. A pan for boiling water
  2. A steam basket and pan lid
  3. Jumbo eggs
  4. A bowl, salt, pepper, and butter.
  1. and butter.

Step One: Pour just enough water in your pan to boil (at least an inch deep) and turn the range dial high enough to boil the water.

Step Two: Place your eggs in the steam basket and when the water begins to boil, put the steam basket on top of the pan and put the lid on the pan to cover the eggs.

Step Three: Steam jumbo eggs 15 minutes or regular eggs for 12 minutes minutes.

Step Four: Take the lid off on time and run cold water on the eggs in the steamer basket and shake the eggs back and forth to crack the shells numerous times (roughly 30 seconds). Your eggs will still be hot, but not so hot that you can’t hold them.

Step Five: Peel the eggs. The shells should pretty much slide off the eggs like magic.

Step Six: Put your peeled eggs in a bowl, and using a fork, press, cut and mix the whites and yolks. Add salt, pepper, and butter to taste. Continue with the fork. You can either eat the eggs as they are, or add a little mayonnaise and mustard to make egg salad sandwiches. We just like to make toast and eat the eggs and toast. Enjoy.

“For all the nutrients eggs have to offer, they are a fairly low-calorie food. Hard-boiled eggs provide only 77 calories, 5 grams of fat and a very small amount of carbs.”


Boiled eggs for breakfast are always a treat. At most of our family parties the first things that disappear are the deviled eggs. Deviled eggs are simple to create. Cut each cooked egg in half and put the yolks in a bowl. Again, cut yolks like regular boiled eggs, using a fork to mash the yolk, adding salt and pepper to taste along with a little mayonnaise, some sweet relish, plus your favorite spices, and a touch of mustard for pizazz. Spoon the mixture into the hollow whites and sprinkle with paprika. Garnish with fresh parsley and you’ll soon see the halves disappear.

At a party we threw in our TV studio years ago. A guest dropped a tray of her deviled eggs as she got out of her car. The dismay echoed through the streets of downtown Tacoma. I wept. Always make enough . . . and more for everyone . . . and don’t drop them.

“There is no such thing as too many deviled eggs.”

A deviled egg question for the ages: How can you add in a teaspoon of relish, two teaspoons of mayo, two teaspoons of mustard, a shake of this and shake of that and there’s still not enough mix to fill the hollow holes of the white egg half?

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