Stripper facing 1,036 years in prison for ‘squirting vaginal fluids’ at five police officers, infecting them with chlamydia, gonorrhea, and herpes

A Florida lap artist is confronting 1,036 years in jail after she purportedly attacked five cops with her vagina, infecting them with chlamydia, gonorrhea, and herpes.

Britney Simmons, 24, was performing at the Camel Toe strip club in Florida when a squabble started among Simmons and a few customers at the club.

Miami police were called to intercede and endeavored to secure Simmons who was exceptionally inebriated and acting whimsically, as indicated by the authority police report.

Five Miami Police Department officials endeavored to put Simmons apprehended however were immediately incapacitated when the lap artist launched out vaginal liquids towards the officials, incidentally blinding three and harming two, the police said.

“She just spread her legs totally open and began spurting in the cops’ faces, eyes and mouths from a distance of around twelve to fifteen feet,” one observer told columnists, noticeably interested by the entire issue.

Official Miguel Aguera of the Miami Police Department told correspondents that every one of the five of the officials had since tried positive for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and herpes in the wake of being presented to the vaginal liquids.

“Realizing beyond any doubt that she was uncovering the cops to various explicitly sent sicknesses and possibly HIV too, it is viewed as that she utilized her vagina with deadly power against the officials” clarified Miguel Aguera, representative for the Miami Police Department.

Simmons’ lawyer, Alan Smith, contended that his customer acted in self-preservation and utilized her vagina, not as a dangerous weapon, but rather in the “suitable limits of her functioning abilities and capacities.”

As per current Florida laws and whenever indicted for irritated attack with a destructive weapon against five cops, Simmons could look as long as 1,036 years in prison.

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