Technology in Football

Football has changed unbelievably throughout the long term, with the present game a totally unique one to the game practiced in the 1950s, 1970s or even 1990s. A lot of this has come to fruition because of the huge monetary speculation put into the game during this time, with American finance managers and Arab sheikhs purchasing in. Be that as it may, a great deal of it has additionally come to fruition because of technology, and the fast advancement of it related to football’s advancement.

An example of this is Pixellot, a company that have pioneered the concept of automated sports content creation solutions as an alternative to traditional video capture, production and distribution systems for professional and semi-professional sports events.

Founded in 2013, their AI-Automated technology solutions streamline production workflow by fully automating live sports capture, production and distribution. 15,000 Pixellot systems are deployed by broadcasters, production companies, clubs, federations, universities, high schools, sports portals and coaching solution providers around the globe. They’ve produced over a million live games from 55 countries across the globe.

Leeds coach Marcelo Bielsa reputedly had rooms stacked with video tapes to enable him to watch football from all over the world before technology enabled him to compress it all into one laptop. Just think about that; a veritable genius of the game had a real competitive advantage given he was watching a volume of football matched by only the craziest of opposing coaches. He had the read of prospective talents as well as rival systems. Now, largely thanks to the accessibility of information brought about by the development of new technology, that ability has been democratised in a way, raising the bar in coaching in a manner seen across Europe, not least in Spain.

Pixellot solutions enable high-quality coverage of team sports without any camera operators or producers. The system automatically captures, produces and streams games and highlights to any device live or on-demand. Fans, coaches and players will enjoy a vivid viewing experience that includes graphics, game highlights, editing and tagging tools, commentary and the ability to share clips with friends, teammates and family.

Setups like this AI-automated video production solution hits every base. Fans can deepen their knowledge, giving them the edge in fantasy football and impressing their friends while they take in the game at the local pub or on the terraces. Coaches can channel their inner-Bielsa. Players can study and learn from the elite of the elite in a manner that’s never before been possible; Zlatan Ibrahimovic used to apparently operate almost as a computer hacker to get footage of Ronaldo Nazario when he was back in Sweden.

“Our mission is to advance and promote football in Poland”, said Paweł Guminiak, President of The Second League Clubs Association. “The introduction of this cutting-edge technology will enable us to broadcast more games than ever before. Additionally, the accompanying coaching tools that Pixellot provides will help improve overall performance of teams in the league making this initiative a big win for both clubs and sports fans.“

Pixellot has vast experience in providing cost-efficient professional coverage for secondary leagues, youth, and amateur sports. The award-winning, AI-automated technology is being utilized in thousands of venues around the world, streaming upwards of 80,000 games per month. It’s part of a revolution in that most traditional sport, football, that’s ushering the game into a brave new era and relentlessly driving standards sky-high.

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