The correct English Word For “K Leg” And Other Facts You Need To Know

The right English word for “K leg” and other facts you need to know

Most Nigerians do call it “K Leg” due to how it’s shaped but it is not actually called “K Legs” or “Bend Bend Legs”.

Today we will not only look into what it is called but know more about “K Leg”.

It’s not called “K Leg” its called Knock Knees

Knock knees or knock knee syndrome is an incorrect alignment in the knee and it can affect people of all ages.

Why its called knock knee?

It’s called knock knee because it’s a condition that makes the knee bend inwards towards each other, therefore causing the knees to “knock” or touch each other.

Does it affect both legs?

In most cases, it affects both legs.

Are knock knees temporal or permanent?

Most children who are born with knock knees do get theirs corrected as they grow up. This normally corrects itself as the child grows up without much medical support. If it persists beyond the age of six then it may be a sign of knock knee syndrome and it could be permanent.

What are the causes of knock knee?

Obesity is one of the causes of knock knee, too much weight can put heavy pressure on the knees and contribute to knock knee.

Other common causes include;

Kidney failure
Metabolic disease
Arthritis on the knee
Bone infection

Rickets is a bone disease that is caused by lack of vitamin D; it’s also a common cause of knock knee.
A congenital condition is a common cause of knock knee; this affects children right before they are born.
Benign bone tumours
Growth plate injury
Fractures that heals with a deformity
Can knock knee be treated?

Yes, it can! Bracing normally works for kids with knock knee; if it fails to work then knee- realignment osteotomy can be done.

Osteotomy is a type of surgery in which the bone is cut and reshaped. Surgery is regarded as the final treatment for stubborn and severe cases of knock knees.

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