The court award losses on the police for preventing the former Deputy Governor of Ondo from the Government

Akure the Division of the Federal High Court has stated violating the law of action by several police who prevented the Deputy Governor of Ondo State ago, Mr. Agboo Ajai from getting out of the government’s house when he was blocked by them.

The former deputy governor on June 20 and June 21, 2020 was prevented from moving from a government house, akure for suspicion he planned for defects from all Progressive Congress (APC).

Justice F. A. Olubanjo in an assessment said the security officer’s actions were in the amount of neglect of the rules of the law and violations of the constitutional provisions that guarantee the rights of citizens for movement, dignity, among others.

Justice Olubanjo who gave compensation for N100 million against the police, noted that when arbitrary behavior at the deputy governor who served, dressed with immunity was allowed to stand, one day a person could kidnap the President who served an investigation.

The judgment in the lawsuit of enforcement of fundamental rights marked: FHC / AK / CS / 46/2020 was submitted and required for agbola by his lawyer, BABS Akinwunmi.

The lawsuit was originally submitted in Abuja but was transferred to the Akure by Justice Okon Abang on the grounds of jurisdiction.

Respondents in this case are Inspector General of Police (IGP), Police Commissioner (ONDO STATE), Director General, State Service Department (DSS), the Ondo Assembly speaker. and ondo state house of assembly.

Judge Olubanjo said he could not reward the N1Billion damage sought by the applicant.

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