Things Women Do For The Sake Of Fashion

As a woman, we seem to push the confines of the style all the time. Shoes aren’t worn for comfort (hello, super high-heel?), our last penny is saved for a designer item, and that we could go all bent look trendy. Well, our unexpected approach to fashion is arguably intentional sometimes and if you look closely, though, a number of us can relate thereto . Here, keep reading for the 12 things we do for the sake of fashion.

1. Squeezing into the Shapewear:

Admittedly, shapewear has subsided restrictive over the last decade. except for years women squeezed themselves into uncomfortable undergarments supported by wires and straps that molded them into shapes meant for clothing to drape nicely over.

2. Wearing Uncomfortable Shoes

Those sky-high heels look amazing and you look amazing in them, but altogether honesty, they’re not comfortable to wear for hours – especially when standing is involved.

3. Strapless Bras

There is nothing that ruins an excellent outfit sort of a peekaboo bra, and sometimes a strapless bra must be worn. But the discomfort of wires digging into your ribs is worthwhile to point out off those beautiful shoulders!

4. Heavy Earrings

Bold statement earrings are very on-trend immediately . Unfortunately, they’ll cause stretched-out ear lobes and a few women may even need to have plastic surgery later in life.

5. Spending the last of their Savings on Designer Items

When it comes to having the latest must-have item from a favorite designer, some women are willing to empty their bank accounts. Looking fabulous, at the risk of going into debt.

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