Three best cryptocurrencies to make investments in right now

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What are the best cryptos to make investments in right now? Here’s a listing of the top 3 cryptocurrencies and why we assume they might have the most potential.

3 best cryptocurrencies to invest in right now specialists top options

Cryptocurrencies are the hottest financial market right now, and everybody desires a piece of the action. Institutional participation is increasing, with the launch of tailored services such as Bakkt, and retail investors are hooked on the potential to make eye-watering returns.

The crypto world is incredibly inclusive – a new global market that operates 24/7 with no barriers to entry. In its short lifespan, it has witnessed both euphoric highs and fierce bear markets in a magnificent display of volatility – the type of volatility you may expect from a disruptive new asset class that could simply change the world.

But as the dust settles and the industry matures, which cryptocurrencies appear the strongest and are set to take the lead as it moves into its subsequent stage of development? In this article, we will list the top three coins and explain why we believe in their potential to be the best cryptocurrencies to make investments in now.

1. Bitcoin (BTC) –the ultimate buy and hold?

Why people invest in bitcoin: Psychology of cryptocurrency

While numerous cryptos are trying to turn out to be the new global currency that can compete with regular fiat money, Bitcoin has an undeniable lead over the rest. Its early-mover advantage and dominant position as the world’s variety one cryptocurrency will be tough to shake, with Bitcoin presently accounting for nearly 70 percentage of the entire crypto market value.

Of course, betting on Bitcoin becoming a leading global currency is a high-risk, high-reward endeavour that will not occur overnight. But as new crypto-enabled products and services are launched and adoption increases, Bitcoin is well positioned to be one of the main beneficiaries. That’s why specialists consider that Bitcoin is the best crypto to invest in and why it tops this list.

And as a long-term “buy and hold” investment opportunity, Bitcoin has a certain beauty. While the approach itself is often criticised due to its lack of rules about when to sell, with Bitcoin, things are slightly different. For most investments such as shares or commodities, to realise any gains, you should first sell or cash out, right?

But if Bitcoin reaches its potential and becomes a main global currency, you would not want to do this. It would be a cash investment worth significantly greater than when you bought it. You would be able to use and spend it somewhere without having to sell it.

Otherwise, if you’re a day trader and prefer to profit from the crypto market’s excessive volatility, Bitcoin’s drastic price swings can also work to your benefit.

2. Binance Coin (BNB) – time to buy the dip?

Binance Coin (BNB) - Overview, History and Uses, ICO

NB is the coin that powers the Binance ecosystem. The rate at which Binance is launching new services, such as margin trading, futures, DEX, lending, staking and more, is impressive, and BNB utility is built into most of them. With Binance cementing itself as one of the world’s main crypto companies, we trust BNB is a top crypto to make investments in and worth keeping on your radar.

The reputation of Binance and its offerings are also somewhat tied to the performance of BNB. If BNB’s rate consistently plummeted and buyers were significantly hurt, then it would not be a good look for the company. And it would not take long for the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) to start building up. So even from a advertising and marketing perspective, Binance is quite incentivised to do what it can to increase adoption and build new use cases for BNB, which in turn must help its price.

BNB was the first large-cap cryptocurrency to make a new all-time high in 2019, effectively leading the entire crypto market out of the prolonged bear market seen in 2018. This was pretty a feat, considering that most other cryptocurrencies have yet to come anywhere close to the all-time highs reached in 2017. It indicates the power this coin has to run when it wants to, and with its price now having retraced 60 percentage from this year’s high, it could present an excellent buy-the-dip opportunity.

3. Monero (XMR) – the price of privacy

Monero (XMR) Cryptocurrency Definition

Financial privacy is currently almost non-existent, with banks, governments, payment systems and companies all keeping files of your transactions. As it stands, the most private way to make a transaction is by using cash.

Even Bitcoin customers who thought their transactions were nameless have abruptly realised that the combination of an immutable public blockchain, centralised exchanges and KYC (know your customer) processes makes them just the opposite.

However, Monero, the world’s leading privacy coin, is fighting to provide a safe place for private transactions. It makes use of stealth addresses, ring confidential transactions, ring signatures and different state-of-the-art techniques to make sure that it is a private digital currency. For those who believe that the desire for financial privacy will subsequently outstrip the forces making an attempt to deny it, Monero has to be one of the top cryptocurrencies to make investments in right now.

Good luck and stay safe

Cryptocurrencies appear to be here to stay, whether or not the US President, the Chinese government or any other major powers like it. Nonetheless, there is usually risk involved when trading any market, specifically the highly volatile and nascent crypto market. You by no means understand what’s coming round the corner, so change wisely, have a strategy, and only risk what you can afford to lose.