Top 10 Investment Opportunities For The Unemployed In Nigeria

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With the current state of Nigeria where the government have repeatedly shown it refusal and clear incapabilities to solve the problem of unemployment in Nigeria,leaving a large proportion of the active population underemployed and unemployed.


Coupled with the global negative effects of COVID19 virus,which have worsen the economic and financial situation of countries,organisations and individuals.

The hope of the unemployed and underemployed in our country would depend on their eventual abilty to raise capital to engage in various viable investment activities to end their dependence on government to provide more jobs for it people.


Generalized Meaning Of Investment;

The act of putting money, effort, time, etc. into something to make a profit or get an advantage, or the money, effort, time, etc. used to do this:

Meaning Of Financial Investment.


The act of putting money into a business to buy new stock, machines, etc., or a sum of money that is invested in a business in this way:

Financial Investment in a simple language just mean putting your money in a business or in any productive activity that gives you profit or additional income(money) added to the initial money(capital) used in starting that business or activity.

Purpose Of Any Financial Investment.


The purpose of any financial investment in any business activity is to make PROFIT.

Profit is the extra money or additional financial benefit a person derives from a business or activity generated by his initial capital or money used to start up that investment portfolio or investment opportunities.

If the purpose of any investment is not to make profit, then such financial activity is questionable and should be avoided immediately.


Biggest Challenge About Investment

The biggest challenge of an individual about any financial investment, excluding the adverse effect of COVID19 on global and local financial markets are :

1). The margin of returns on investment/profit to capital ratio.


2).The Investment climate,foreign and local policies by government(including providing social amenities that aid businesses)

3). Risk in terms of potential loss of capital(either in whole or in parts).

4). High recurrent and capital expenditures at infancy or startup stages of the investment.


Top 10 Financial Investment With Capital Of 2-5 Million.

The following are potential viable investment options that would begin to generate returns based on opinions of financial experts/entrepreneurs for 12 to 24 months ;

1). Stock and shares


2). Securities and financial instruments

For numberber 1 & 2 top pick for banking sector are FBNH(firstbank), Zenith, Guaranty, and UBA and for the non-banks, Dangote Cement and MTNN etc the after much research and financial expert advise.

3). Trading Cryptocurrencies like bitcoins and others.

4). Trading Foreign currencies(invest in Eurobonds and USD mutual fund(united state dollar)

5). Agriculture.

6). Real estate,


7). Construction Materials.

8). Food & supermarkets.

9). logistics.


10). Pharmacies & pharmaceutical products.

Consult Professional Financial Advisers.

Getting capital to venture into financial investment opportunities are often difficult.

But when you do have such capital to invest in any business,it is best to seek and consult experts along the line of such business and financial consultants or advisers who can provide quality analysis and advice to help ensure greater possibilty on returns on investment over the period of time of such investment.

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