Traditional Worshippers Lecture Christians and Muslims on use of Hijab

-Kwara state government has been cautioned by traditional worshippers

– According to Chief Owolabi Aworeni, the bill at the House of Reps on Hijab should be stopped

– He said people must learn to do things the ways it is done.

Christians and Muslims have been urged to respect each other’s principles. This call was made by the global head of Ifa priests, Chief Owolabi Aworeni. Aworeni who is also called the Araba Agbaye, cautioned the Kwara state governor, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, against actions that might incite violence in the state, Punch reports. He consequently called on the House of Representatives under Femi Gbajabiamila to halt a bill that sought to institutionalise the use of hijab in the country.

He made this call in an interview in which he was represented by his deputy, the Araba Oluisese of Ibadan, Ifalere Odegbola.

“A traditional worshipper who decides to attend Christian school should imbibe the Christian practices and principles and ditto for a Christian child who chooses to attend a Muslim school. If he decides to attend the school, he has to abide by the practices. “It is wrong for a child who belongs to another faith to want to force his way through. The governor should desist from acts that can incite violence or civil disorderliness. Academics should not continue to get interrupted as we have it at the moment. In another report, reported that matters of religion are usually regarded as highly important in Nigeria with many people moving towards Islam or Christianity. However, there are a few who are traditional worshippers and very proud of it.

Just recently, a lady identified on Facebook as Anita Adaobi Jeremiah Ezenwanyi caused quite a buzz after she shared her thoughts about Christianity and how she would make sure her children do not toe that path. Adaobi said none of her children would have anything to do with Jesus Christ. She even added that once they came of age, she would take them to the river for proper cleansing so that they would be at peace with the marine spirits.

Identified as Adaeze Gift Okolie, she explained that the Bible used to be hers back when she still practised Christianity. Okolie who also goes by the name Adaeze Ijemmili stated that she no longer believes in the ‘lie’. Adaeze, who described herself as a river goddess and an antichrist, revealed that she thought of burning the holy book but didn’t out of respect for people who still believe in it.

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