Twitter Suspends Accounts Of Several Nigerian Influencers

In what seems, by all accounts, to be a cleanse, Twitter has suspended the records of a few influencers in Nigeria.

The online media profiles of more than fifteen influencers got blocked off as some twitter clients saw the suspension late Monday.

“Twitter suspends accounts which abuse the Twitter Rules,” the profile pages of these suspended records appeared.

The Nation took in the suspension may be detached to the influencers advancing a dubious pattern, which more likely than not abused some of twitter rules.

It was additionally scholarly numerous different records outside Nigeria were likewise suspended inconclusively for including in an organized online mission to hinder equity.

A Twitter client, @OdogwuAnicah said: “Danny walter, Tife, Volqx, Lamar, Uncle Mohamz, Pamilerin, Valhalla, Four peered toward Edo Boy all got suspended.

“Mbah and Bisi got suspended as well. Counting @JustKelechi @Yucee_ @Divineze @ogaKnowledge, @AimThaMachine_, @UgwunnaEjikem @FestusGreen, @CO_Chiamaka @Anambra_girl,” he added.

In 2019, Twitter additionally suspended records of some online media influencers in front of the 2019 general races.

Badmus Hakeem (Tweets @Bhadoosky), Jokunle (@Jokunle), Ani Nomso (@ani_nomso), Shawnife (@Shawnife_), Official Bmax (@OfficialBmax), Uche Kush (@UcheKush_), Lazy Writa (@LazyWrita), Rouvafe (@Rouvafe), Abdulaxis (@iam_abdulaxis), Switchme, Enekem Greg (@EnekemGreg) were suspended.

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