Unknown Gunmen kill two soldiers at military checkpoint Ebonyi state

Two military men have been killed after obscure shooters assaulted a military designated spot situated at Timber Junction territory in Afikpo North Local Government Area of Ebonyi state on Monday night, April 26.

The Nation reports that the shooters showed up at the designated spot in a white transport and as the military men halted them for an inquiry, they started shooting at them. The shooters from that point trucked away the rifles of the expired military men.

“It’s a very sad situation here. They said it was people suspected to be gunmen, who came to the checkpoint at Timber Shade (boundary Ehugbo and Amasiri) in white bus.

As usual, it appeared the military were checking them and all of a sudden, they opened fire on them. Two of the military men, a man and woman, died. Others ran away.

The area is as quiet as the graveyard. These bordering villages used to be very busy and people here are farmers and traders. But the moment that happened, people started going home. Nobody is seen outside as I speak to you. Every place is calm. There is fear here now. The world is about to end” a resident said

The Military is yet to talk about on the recent development.

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