Vulnerability Analysis & Mapping Officer – Head of Research, Assessment and Monitoring Unit (RAM) at World Food Programme

WFP remains committed to performance management and determined to strengthen its accountability. It has become vital for WFP to present robust and evidence-based results against resources deployed in the line of sight.

Accountability to affected populations as well as to governments, national and international partners and donors is a priority. In parallel, the Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping (VAM) functions with the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) ensure that WFP interventions shall generate quality evidence that supports food security and nutrition policies and programmes (e.g. needs assessment and situation analyses, programme design, targeting, cost-effectiveness, and operational efficiency) on the outcomes and effects of WFP food assistance activities on the lives of beneficiaries to inform operational decision making and strategic orientations.

In the Headquarters and many Country Offices, WFP has integrated the VAM and M&E services into one united division of “Research, Assessments and Monitoring (RAM)” Unit to provide holistically necessary information for strategic and operational decision-making, resource mobilization and accountability to beneficiaries.

This role will manage the RAM Unit of WFP Libya Country Office and report to WFP Libya Country Director, helping her/him to make evidence-informed decisions.

  1. Lead the implementation of the Research, Assessment and Monitoring plans that will provide the most relevant and strategic information toward achieving expected results;
  2. Provide technical advice and support the Country Office and its partners on matters pertaining to food security and nutrition strategies, policies, programmes, and facilitate the timely and productive use of related outputs in a manner that complies with WFP standards and processes;
  3. Provide technical support in building and strengthening the Research, Assessment and Monitoring systems of the Country Office and other national government partners in line with innovative methodologies and best practices;
  4. Manage and/or conduct outcome monitoring of the programme implementation, food security, nutrition, markets and resilience analysis and prepare timely reports on monitoring and evaluation findings, food assessment needs and guidance to enable effective decision-making on the development of country strategy and programmes design and implementation;
  5. Keep up to date with and advise on food assistance developments and issues and the potential impact upon WFP activities to enable timely and appropriate programme evolution and intervention;
  6. Contribute to the development of programme activities, providing technical analysis, interpretation and recommendations to facilitate food assistance needs to be met effectively;
  7. Contribute to the development of systems and tools for the monitoring and assessment of food assistance needs in line with innovative methodologies and best practice;
  8. Provide coaching and guidance to Research, Assessment and Monitoring staff as required to ensure appropriate development and enable high performance;
  9. Conduct monitoring and evaluation of WFP activities, providing technical analysis, interpretation and information as required to support the assessment of activities’ impact;
  10. Manage and/or conduct food security, nutrition, markets and resilience analysis in line with VAM policies to enable effective decision-making on the development of the country strategy, policies and programmes;
  11. Represent WFP during meetings with partners to contribute to technical discussions, exchange of knowledge and experience, and seek for appropriate interventions (based on an evidence base), and areas for potential collaboration;
  12. Build capacity of WFP staff, partners and national government to conduct analysis on food security, nutrition, markets, resilience, and related topics to effectively inform policies and programmes;
  13. Manage Third-Party Monitoring partners and monitor outputs and procedures and make recommendations for the improvement in the quality and the utilization of the findings;
  14. Monitor the functionarity of the inter-agency Common Feedback Mechanism and make recommendations for the improvement in the recording, the analysis and the utilization;
  15. Advocate the service and outputs of the inter-agency Common Feedback Mechanism to populations in Libya, partners, donors and other stakeholders;
  16. Take responsibility for integrating protection and gender perspectives in all areas of work, to ensure equal participation of women and men;
  17. Contribute to the preparation of accurate and timely reports and dashboards on programmes and activities that enable informed decision making and consistency of information presented to stakeholders;
  18. Support the identification, development and management of potential partnerships to collaborative working leading to improved Research, Assessment and Monitoring;
  19. Contribute RAM-related inputs to the dialogues for the development of the UN Strategic Development Cooperation Framework for 2023-2025;

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