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It’s absolutely easy for both the amateur and knowledgeable in cryptocurrency

All that is required right here is to set up your Robot App, Activate it and link it to your Binance or Huobi account. Once your binance account is funded, you are good to go.

So, you are closer to more wealth creation than you thought

Sit back and study more about the *ROYAL Q BOT*


ROYALQ Is a software robot created to examine and trade on the world’s largest EXCHANGERS… BINANCE or HUOBI EXCHANGE

BINANCE and ROYALQ are two differ platforms. All you need to do is link your BINANCE exchange API to interact with the ROYALQ bot.

Binance is the WORLD’S LARGEST and most relied on CRYPTO EXCHANGE; HUOBI EXCHANGE is additionally one of the world’s best crypto exchanges.

As our adoption increases. Many crypto followers will pick out ROYALQ to do AUTO TRADE ON BINANCE due to the fact ROYALQ bot subscription fee is low at $100 per year ONLY.


80% PROFIT for clients, and 20% for ROYAL Q brokerage.

Your Capital is secure since the client does not need to deposit the trade CAPITAL to ROYALQ.

Your hard earned cash stays in your Binance account for this reason you do not lose control or access to your cash at anytime

BINANCE permits ROYALQ to connect to the API, it is in a position to read trades and complete BUY AND SELL PROFITABLE TRADE ORDERS AUTOMATICALLY WITHOUT HUMAN INTERVENTION:

The ROYALQ Bot is capable to make a buying and selling profit of 0.1% – 10% per day and 3% to 300% per month. At different market days we are in a position to make 2% to 5% a day. We have additionally seen trade triggers on certain assets of up to 23% in a day, so it all depends on the chosen algorithm of particular exchange assets.


*How much can I realize monthly?*

Conservatively between 22 to 50 percentage per month (bear or bull seasons).

*P.S* Please recognize this is a worse case scenario. The ROYALQ bot has recorded huge profits in excess of ten times the average returns especially in (bull markets).

*How much Do I have to Start?*

Only $120.

*Does it take long to set up this bot?*

No set up takes much less than 15 minutes

*How am I certain this will work for me?*

The ROYALQ bot is for anyone and everyone and everybody’s profiting regardless of class, religion, age, academic background. gender or race.

*Can I withdraw my cash at anytime?*

Of course, Yes you can, ROYALQ bot does not keep deposit, your cash is in your exchange account always.

*Is this better than giving my money to people or online agencies to trade for me?*

As you know, many online organizations and people have promised heaven and earth, in the end 99.9 percentage of the time they have scammed people of their hard earned money. But with the ROYALQ bot you will always stay in control 24/7. ROYALQ is the gamechanger and nothing comes close to this innovation.

*Are there advantages if I share this with family and friends?*

YES! Though in ROYALQ no one is compelled to refer anybody to make money or be active on the platform. But if you do refer others, there’s a mouth watering advantage for you. You can usually ask the individual who shared this information with you to know more and assist you get started immediately.

*What does the ROYALQ bot assist me do in summary*

The ROYALQ bot helps you to be in charge of making money from the cryptocurrency market without the need of being an expert. In simple English, You will be in a position to print your very own money from the crypto market without stress.

*Do I need to be an expert?*

No, with ROYALQ many beginners have stated they will recommend this even to their grandmas due to the fact it is very effortless to understand and use. 90% have declared it profitable in their first month.

The machine was once set in such a way that it does not make a buying and selling loss but profit only.

This science has changed human effort as you recognize human makes a lot of errors.

With RoyalQ Robot, all investors’ cash is very protected because you do not transfer your cash for trading into a robotic however its intact in your Binance wallet. The robotic is simply there as a carrier provider and it can not get right of entry to your funds inform of any means of transfer or withdraw.

But you as an investor, you have constantly access to your cash and can withdraw or whenever you want.

RoyalQ Robot trades every time of the day and it works 24/7. A human being receives worn-out however a robotic gadget does now not get tired.

This robotic technological know-how makes earnings for you even when you are sleeping.

In RoyalQ, there are two methods of making money

1) Through robot trading

2) Through referral.


_*Royal Q is not an investment however a system any cryptocurrency dealer can leverage on to automate his/her buying and selling activities on BINANCE/HUOBI thereby minimizing risk exposure and making constant gains base on market trend.*_


a.) You are not giving your cash to anybody. You are one hundred percent in control.

b.) On automation, it reduces the entry fee of your positions using the “Dollar Cost Averaging Strategy” whether or not you are asleep or busy with the days routine. Thereby minimizing your floating losses for the duration of a market dip.

c.) You do not need to be on your system/mobile phone 24/7 monitoring the market. The bot buys, sells and book profit for you again and again using preferred set perimeters.

d.) Risk Management is top-notch as you do not go in all at once however in trenches the usage of a function “Margin Call Drop”.

e.) It erodes trading base on emotions.

f.) You earn little commissions from your referrals trade earnings which is comparable to Binance Exchange referral system which rewards referrers fractions of tokens from their referal’s trades.

These are few amongst many different advantages….

RoyalQ…The Best Trading Robot! 🚀

Key Points to note:

1) *Your money is protected in your account , you do not give it to anyone after getting your bot*

2) *The Bot is very affordable, $100 for a full 12 months and $20 for trading fuel with a minimal of $100 trading capital*

3) *You do not need to have preceding experience*

4) *It’s absolutely Automated and hands free*

*It does buying and selling for you*

5) *The interface is simplified and effortless for absolutely everyone to use*

6) *The robotic doesn’t blow your account, Because it trades oniy on Spot buying and selling and not Forex or Futures*

7) *it has a lovely rewarding plan*

*RoyalQ Q&A*

*1. How much is the RoyalQ bot fee?*

USDT100 for a year

*2. How much trading fees does RoyalQ charge?*

20% from the profit only

*3. Minimum fuel?*

USDT 20 ( 20% Trading costs will be deducted from here)

*4. How much is minimal capital for trading on Binance/Houbi ?*

USDT 100 is minimal starting capital

*5. I don’t have experience in trading, how can I make cash in RoyalQ?*

For novices you can use RoyalQ Copytrade and earn stable income.

*6. How lots income can I make?*

Roughly 0.1% – 5%a day, Crypto is 24/7 hence 10% – 50% or even more a month (Depending on crypto market)

*7. What’s is the risk?*

Best part is that there is no risk on RoyalQ due to the fact your capital and income will be in your very own Binance/Houbi account, the bot has no acess to your cash and the bot does not make loss, only paper lost/floating loss due to the fact RoyalQ bot trade’s on Spot Market.

You will be making a good time making serious cash through this great platform, RoyalQ

*And you can make even more via showing people opportunity about this amazing Robot and what it can do*. So, check through what you stand to gain with the aid of referring others


*ACTIVATION FEE : USDT100* (yearly)

– *Cheapest Fee* at market

– AI Robot *Version 3* (latest)

– Proven *2 years successful* in China

– API key integration wit Binance/Huobi

– Up to 20x quantitative trans per day

– *50 Portfolio* coin/token pair wit USDT

*YOUR ASSET REMAIN* at Binance @ Houbi, at the same time *Royal Q AI Robot buying and selling 24/7* provide us large earnings *2%-10%* every day for *365 days!!*


– USDT30-USDT70 dari Activation Fee

– V1 : USDT30

– V2 : USDT40

– V3 : USDT50

– V4 : USDT60

– V5 : USDT65

– Royal Partner : USDT70

*TEAM REWARDS : 20%-60%*

– Profit Margin : Client / Royal Q (80/20)

– V1 : 20% from RQ Profit @ 4%

– V2 : 30% from RQ Profit @ 6%

– V3 : 40% from RQ Profit @ 8%

– V4 : 50% from RQ Profit @ 10%

– V5 : 55% from RQ Profit @ 11%

– RP : 60% from RQ Profit @ 12%


– V1 : Register & spark off account

– V2 : 3-V1 & 20 net members

– V3 : 5-V1, 2-V2 & a hundred net members

– V4 : 8-V1, 3-V3 & 300 net members

– V5 : 12-V1, 3-V4 & 800 net members

– RP : 20-V1, 3-V5 & 1500 net members


You should deposit atleast USDT120 at your Royal Q account. USDT100 for activation fee. USDT20 reserve for gas fuel. Every time u make profit, Royal Q will deduct 20%

*Why many people are responding speedy to RoyalQ Bot❓*

1.) People are worn-out of centralize system that make it tough for them to get their cash out when they invest.*Me too is worn-out of begging agencies to pay me my hard earned cash when I place withdrawal*

2.) People are conscious of how different crypto merchants are making cash legitimately from the relief of their residence using Smart Phones and Laptop.

3.) People are conscious of how obvious trading platform like Binance and Huobi are.

4.) People are conscious that they can put their cash in Binance for trading these days and request for withdrawal the following day and it will be pay below 1 – 2minutes. In fact, you can change your mind and withdraw it back instantly.

5.) People are conscious of RoyalQ Bot’s accuracy and effectivity in the market.

6.) People are conscious that the Bot can not make a lost due to the fact it doesn’t do future trading.

*Above all, good market will constantly sell itself and that is exactly what we are experiencing in RoyalQ.*

Be Decisive………

Be Proactive…….

Be Intentional…..

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