Five Best cryptocurrency price alert apps and services

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Trading cryptocurrency is a popular form of investment, however it isn’t a secret that the market tends to be volatile. Due to the lack of regulations, intrinsic value, etc, price swings are pretty common.

This doesn’t always make investing in cryptocurrencies a bad decision. In fact, it appears that it will be around for a very long time. Nevertheless, with all the price swings, it is vital for an investor to continuously be informed of the price changes.

Setting alarms for price movements of your desire can assist you make better decisions. For example, some applications allow you to put an alert if the rate went down or up by 5%.

If you assume such an application could be helpful, then you will want to read our list of best cryptocurrency alert apps that can be used on a Windows device.

What are the best cryptocurrency price alert apps for PCs?

  1. Cryptocurrency Alerting
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Cryptocurrency Alerting is one of the trusted sources for thousands of traders, blockchain developers, businesses, and crypto-enthusiasts.

This alerting platform is targeted on monitoring the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency space. It tracks wallet transactions, exchange listings, and other on-chain metrics. You can customise alerts that are actively monitored 24/7.

You will be notified when a new coin is listed on an exchange in 9 different ways. You just have to select one of these alert options: Telegram, Discord, Slack bots, SMS, Email, and many others.

You can create as many alerts as the membership design permits you. For example, the Hobby layout allows up to three active alerts at any given time, whilst the Trader plan gives up to 20, and Pro allows you to have 120.

Using this app you can automatically track the activity of a Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet, and additionally the ETH gas fee getting notified when it’s the proper time to send a transaction.

The most essential is that the platform is highly secured. All web traffic is encrypted through HTTPS/SSL. As a excellent practice, we suggest you to continually use a different email address and telephone number than ones you have to other vital accounts.

The most essential features are:

• Powerful crypto alerts: price, coin listing, wallet, and ETH Gas
• Flexible Notification Platform
• Automated & Protected Investments
• Real-time customizable alerts

  1. ZuluTrade
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ZuluTrade trading platform presently provides trading for stocks, forex, binary options, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

With a classic account, you additionally get access to a collection of practical features:

Calendar – for all key occasions for the financial markets round the globe
ZuluScript – create scripts that form the parameters for trading bots; it offers you trade automation, permitting you to execute far more trades than you ever could manually
Margin Call-o-Meter – estimates the chance your account will run out of money
ZuluGuard – a unique feature that protects Copy Traders if erratic trades are opened by traders they are following
Automator – notifies you by e-mail or automatically executes actions when events occur; a tool to reduce hazard and free up time.
Over 100.000 techniques and structures to follow and copy automatically, without having to monitor the market 24/7.
Portfolio Simulator.
In terms of cryptocurrencies, ZuluTrade offers you the chance to AutoTrade the most sought-after currencies of the market: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple or Litecoin.

The ZuluTrade mobile app is compatible with Andoird and iOS platforms and presents users the same features as the internet app.

  1. eToro
eToro Clients Want Broker's License Revoked Over Crypto CFDs Closure

eToro is a multi-asset platform, offering both investing in stocks and cryptoassets, as nicely as trading CFDs. Besides, the company is viewed one of the pioneers in cryptocurrency trading, with over 20 million crypto transactions traded so far.

They provide the biggest range of cryptos anywhere, from the best-known ones such as Bitcoin or Ripple, to least recognised – Cardano, NEO or Stellar.

For beginners, eToro is the best place to begin buying and selling cryptocurrency. As you get more familiar with the platform, you can build a portfolio with all available cryptocurrencies.

You can begin from scratch, with a fully functional demo account, to find your strategy before trading independently or copying other traders.

With eToro, you can use a range of payment methods, such as wire transfers, credit cards, and more. The platforms provides low minimum deposits and unified fees.

eToro additionally provides a free mobile intuitive trading app, so you can trade on the go, anytime, anywhere. The app is compatible with Android and iOS and is free to download.

eToro USA LLC does not provide CFDs, only real Cryptocurrencies are handy for US users.

  1. TradingView
How to Use TradingView - Detailed TradingView Review

TradingView is a freemium social community for traders and investors on Forex, Futures and Cryptocurrency markets. The platform offers Live quotes, inventory web-based charts and expert trading ideas.

It is best appreciated for the ease of use of their charts, having a modern, smooth and realistic interface, with a lot of functionalities in one charting package.

The cryptocurrency market has its own separate tables. On TradingView, you can get one of the best overviews for prices and traded volumes for more than 200 cryptocurrency assets, plus mix the information with a lot of technical indicators.

The mobile app is accessible in App Store and Google Play and gives you access to the world of finance 24/7. Multiple channels ensure secure and dependable information streaming.

With the mobile app, you get visual pop-ups, audio signals, webhooks, electronic mail notifications, and PUSH alerts right to your phone. There are 12 specific alert conditions that can be utilized to indicators, strategies, or drawing tools.

TradingView comes in four plans. The free one provides most features that you would get with the paid plans, solely at a slower data flow and with fewer indications available. Yet the free graph is first-rate to begin with.

Moving upwards with the paid plans – Pro, Pro+ or Premium, one gets access to an increasing number of charts, quicker workflow, and certain special features.

  1. ICO Watchdog
ICO Watchdog Releases Two New Tools for Vetting Cryptocurrencies | Business  Wire

First up, is ICO Watchdog. ICO Watchdog is special as it sends notifications via telegram, Slack, and Facebook messenger. This means that you can actually use ICO Watchdog on any platform, from iOS to Windows 10 Mobile. It genuinely is an ingenious way for all users, regardless of the kind of gadget they use, to access this cryptocurrency alert service.

What alert features can I expect from ICO Watchdog?

There are free features as well as premium features for this product. As for the free features, you can expect:

• Daily funding information and reports of ICOs of your choosing.
• Real-time notifications in price and volume spikes of any coin you choose.
• Notifications of when an ICO is trading.

Here are the premium features of ICO Watchdog:

• You will be given professional advice and insights on how to spot a breakout. You will be in a position to decide this by analyzing ICOs, PreICOs, and active trading coins, etc.
• Another premium feature is price forecast. You will be given a 365-day prediction of a coin’s price.
• You will additionally be given advanced tools that can assist you detect buying and selling patterns.