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Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship 2022 Fully Funded - Government of Canada

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Firstly, for those that wish to Apply for Canadian Work Visa, you have to know the essence and various types of Canadian Visa before you can get started. To do this, simply go through this article. The article is a guide and essences of different types of Canadian Work visa.

Secondly, are you also aware that the government of Canada is offering Free Canadian Work Visa, Scholarships, Jobs & Accommodation for people? Although these people have to meet up with some requirements. For more about how to secure this free Canadian Work Visa, Scholarships, Jobs & Accommodation, please simply go through this article.

Thirdly, below are the top twenty scholarships to apply for in Canada and in the USA this year. 95% of these scholarships are fully funded. Similarly, 60% of them as well are Canadian based scholarship. For those that are the United States-based, they are also affiliated to schools in Canada. So the choice is yours, to make the decision that would either take you to Canada or the United States of America. In which case, you will have to completely exhaust the information on this web page to get started.

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Below are the top 20 Fully-Funded Scholarships in Canada and the United States of America that are currently ongoing.

1. YFU-USA Key Club | Key Leader Scholarship

This scholarship is worth 2,000 dollars and is applicable for travel in nearly 40 countries. There may be language requirements for some of these countries.

YFU offers over 200 full and partial merit-based scholarships and needs-based financial aid to students every year.

To be considered for scholarship awards, students must meet the eligibility requirements listed on the individual Scholarship Information pages below and demonstrate characteristics like flexibility, tolerance, and open-mindedness. In addition to the standard application and fee (if required), students also need to submit essay responses, a host family introduction letter and teacher recommendations by the scholarship deadline. Students can apply for multiple scholarships and pay only one fee.

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2. $5000 Define Yourself Scholarship

GoEnnounce is a platform that allows students to share their academic accomplishments, achievements, and projects to fundraise for their goals! By sharing their stories with friends, family, and mentors, students are able to raise money to pay for college and graduate debt-free! Each month, GoEnnounce also offers a scholarship, the $500 “Define Yourself” Scholarship!

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3. Brandon Goodman Scholarship

The scholarship is available to students in high school and also students currently enrolled in college. You must have a minimum 2.0 GPA, be a U.S. citizen or international student that is enrolled in school in the USA. Membership is not required to be eligible for this award.

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4. US State Department Scholarships

This scholarship is provided by the state government of the United States. It is open to high school students studying abroad. However, this scholarship for high school students in Canada depends on your region of study and the field of focus of your major as it is limited to fields opened by the state government. The scholarship is also based on a competitive selection process, and the value of the awards varies.

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5. Vaya an Americana Latina Scholarship

The Vaya an Americana scholarship is based on academic merit and covers half of the student’s tuition for one year or the semester program. However, you meet the program requirements for eligibility for the semester or the year program before applying. Furthermore, this Latina scholarship is limited to AFS and Costa Rica and Argentinian participants only, and the value of the award varies.