Recruitment of a firm to conduct a continent wide survey of priority issues around cross – border digital trade in Africa

Recruitment of a firm to conduct a continent wide survey of priority issues around cross – border digital trade in Africa


The UNDP renewed strategic offer in Africa identifies structural economic transformation as one of the key pillars for accelerated action, with trade at its centre. As acknowledged in SDG 17, trade is a means of implementation for sustainable development. Boosting intra-African trade is intrinsically linked to success of UNDP’s renewed strategic offer in Africa. UNDP’s Africa Regional Programme (2018-2021) provides dedicated support to the African Union and regional institutions to ensure, inter alia, that regional growth and structural transformation is inclusive, transformational and sustainable with reduced economic inequalities. The programme is anchored using a ‘regional lens’ that promotes a coordinated approach and coherence between regional and national level interventions that align to regional frameworks and policies across Africa.

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) will create a single African market for goods and services covering 1.2billion people and a combined Gross Domestic Product of US$3trillion through the progressive elimination of tariffs, the removal of non-tariff barriers, cooperation in customs arrangements and related areas, liberalization of trade in services, and developing African disciplines on Intellectual Property Rights, Investment, Competition and Digital Trade. As at October 2021, 54 of 55 African Union (AU) Member States have signed the Agreement, and 42 Member States have concluded ratification processes.

The AfCFTA Agreement is accompanied by Protocols dedicated to formulating continental terms of trade on specific topics – and articulating the modalities for implementation. In January 2020, the African Union Assembly of Heads of State and Government directed the inclusion of a protocol dedicated to digital trade in the AfCFTA.

Leveraging on its role as a development agency with an integrator function, UNDP, as part of its support to implementation of the AfCFTA hosted an initial regional dialogue on ‘Making the AfCFTA work for African E – Commerce’. As part of its work on digital trade, and to complement a forthcoming policy brief, UNDP seeks to conduct a continent – wide survey to highlight the priorities, opportunities, and challenges for digital trade in the One African Market.

Results of the survey and interviews are to be presented in a visually appealing infographic format, alongside a concise analytical report.


a. Develop a report on priorities of African businesses (traditional and digital) for the AfCFTA Digital Trade Protocol in English and French.

b. Develop an infographic highlighting perspectives and priorities of African businesses for the AfCFTA Digital Trade Protocol in English and French.


The scope of the work will include the below activities:

  1. Adapt a survey tool and questionnaire developed by UNDP and partners for continent wide deployment.
  2. Develop an outline to report/analyse data – perspectives of African businesses and other stakeholders on a range of issues, including, but not limited to, digitally driven cross – border trade in goods and services, cross – border data flows, e – taxation, e – trade facilitation, digital work, mobility of technology – driven businesses, consumer protection and digital identity.
  3. Conduct surveys and interviews to obtain perspectives from a minimum of 2,000 respondents, across Africa (focus countries and regional blocs will be determined at inception of the assignment).


Outputs for this assignment are:

  1. Inception report detailing work approach, survey tool, and interview pack.
  2. First draft of infographics and analytical report.
  3. Final draft of infographics and analytical report.

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