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Academic Editors Wanted

Remote-based English language editing work available for experienced, qualified editors.

Must hold minimum Bachelor’s degree.

Remote English-language academic editing work available for experienced English editors.

Editors are required to hold at least a master’s degree, though bachelor’s degrees with significant relevant work experience will also be considered. Star candidates will possess either an editing qualification, doctoral degree, and/or extensive teaching experience at university level.

We edit primarily academic work for university students and academics across the globe. Work of a more general nature is also available. Most of our clients are ESL writers, so experience with non-native English writers—or the willingness to learn—is essential.

A steady flow of work is available. You retain control over your own schedule, with the only productivity requirement being that you remain active on our system by completing at least one order every three weeks. No set hours, shifts or minimum weekly word counts are required.

Our editors focus on editing—we take care of client communication and logistics so you can do what you love. Our quality control team will provide you with personalized feedback and guidance to hone your skills. You’ll also have access to our vibrant Slack community and our knowledge base.

We pay a set fee based on word count, so the ability to work quickly is essential. Editors who are able to work at 1,500–2,000 words per hour will achieve a rate of USD 20–30 per hour. Non-US editors are paid in EUR or GBP, as appropriate. Invoices are paid twice a month via PayPal (non-US editors only) or direct deposit (US editors only).

The perks of working with us

There are a number of attractive benefits to working with us, including but not limited to:

  • Edit papers and documents from your own areas of interest and expertise.
  • Work from anywhere in the world. Goodbye, commute!
  • Retain complete control over your schedule. Work when you want, and only when you want.
  • Focus on editing. We take care of client care and logistics so you can concentrate on what you love to do.
  • Receive personalized feedback, training, and guidance to improve your skills.
  • Experience the satisfaction of helping appreciative clients from all over the world.

Minimum requirements
Due to the academic nature of our clients’ work, we require all of our editors to hold at least a bachelor’s degree. To edit for us, you must:

  • hold at least a bachelor’s degree from a well-respected American, British, or English-speaking university, and
  • be able to commit to at least 10,000 words editing per week.

Star candidates will possess:

  • advanced university qualifications (a master’s degree/PhD), and/or
  • experience in academic editing, publishing, or as university faculty.

What we offer
In return for your expertise and hard work, we offer:

  • average pay of USD 20-30 per hour bi-monthly, or monthly—it’s up to you
  • personalized training and support to improve your skills and efficiency
  • access to our knowledge base and licensed software, and
  • flexibility: your schedule remains your own, provided our minimum requirement of 10,000 words per week is met (of course, holidays/away time excluded).

How to apply
To apply, click the link to visit our careers page to complete our online screening quiz, which tests your basic English grammar proficiency. Successful candidates will receive access to an application form and submit their CVs/résumés for consideration. Those selected to proceed will be required to complete a 1-hour written editing test.